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December 12, 2011

Welcome to the first ever Teixeira family blog!

After many months of talking about starting a blog (although Jonathan already had one of his own, since he is typically more “hip, cool, and tech savvy” than Amanda), we now have our very own blog together!

Why the name “True, Good, and Beautiful?” Well, I am sure I will find some awesome philosophical quote sometime down the road, I will some it up in my own words now – Jonathan and I picked this name for our family blog because we believe that truth, goodness, and beauty are three roads to God. Our trust in Him is central to our lives and marriage. We are a Catholic Missionary family with FOCUS – Fellowship of Catholic University Students (focus.org). Being a family brings about many normal, everyday life conversations, joys, and difficulties…and by looking for the true, good, and beautiful, we find God everywhere in our days!

So we hope to post about things we are passionate about, places we see truth, goodness, and beauty around us – updates from our life in FOCUS, family get togethers, interesting conversation topics, recipes, culture, travel, adventures, Catholicism, the New Evangelization, marriage and family, and all the shenanigans that fall in between.

Our hope is that everyone who reads from our blog would have an encounter with the true, good, and beautiful…ultimately God who is the end and fulfillment of all of them.

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