The July Budget Breakdown

July 1, 2015

Welcome back to the budget breakdown here at True Good and Beautiful!

I apologize for being more or less absent this past month but we’ve been on the road adventuring. We’ll be home in about another month so if you hear from us before then, awesome. If not? Don’t worry, we’ll be back.

This post is only happening because I simply couldn’t leave all you avid budgeters hanging!

Let’s dive back into some good ole budget accountability and fun!

In these posts we will write-up typical expenses that may get overlooked for the particular month. No uploading of photos this month, due to being on the road.

So, what expenses might you expect in the month of July:

  • Wedding Season
    • New clothes
    • Travel
    • Gifts
  • Fourth of July
    • Fire extinguisher
    • Fireworks
    • Party supplies
  • Clothing
    • Shorts
    • Tank tops
    • Sandals
  • Summer travel
    • Extra gas money
    • Flights
    • Rental car
    • Hotels
  • Vacation
    • Travel
    • Things to do
    • Adventures
    • Food
    • Gear
    • Luggage
    • Souvenirs
  • Animal expenses
    • Flea/Tick medications for animals you plan to take out into the woods/hikes
    • Kennel fees
  • Summer supplies
    • Bathing suits
    • Sunglasses
    • Sunscreen
    • Bug spray
    • Citronella candles
    • BBQ supplies
  • Entertainment
    • Entry fees for fun races
    • Summer flicks (I heard Inside Out was pretty great)
    • Water or Amusement parks
    • Putt-putt golf
  • Yard supplies
    • Gasoline for mower
    • Landscaping
    • Umbrella for back porch
    • Hammock
  • Utilities increase
    • Air conditioning
    • Fans
    • Water bill
  • Summer Recreation
    • Hiking Supplies
    • Camping Supplies
    • Swimming pool pass
    • State Parks pass
  • Birthday gifts

Again, these are some expenses we’ve found ourselves budgeting for this month, so they might be applicable to you or not. Some of these expenses are best budgeted for as a sinking fund...like vacations or gifts.

Happy budgeting y’all! 🙂

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