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The Cross of Infertility: An Interview Part 2

December 28, 2013

This upcoming week, I will be over at my dear friend Catherine Boucher’s blog, Hallelujiah is My Song, discussing the cross of infertility. We will have a 4-part series on the following topics:

  1. Introducing the series and Amanda (& Jonathan!)
  2. Understanding how infertility feels
  3. What NOT to do when your loved one is facing infertility
  4. How to encourage and lift up a couple facing infertility.  Encouragement and resources from Amanda.

Today is the second post! I’ve already gotten positive feedback from many of you reading along with us. Thank you! I really don’t write this for myself…but for the support of others experiencing this cross and education for those who are loving them in its midst.

See you over at Hallelujiah is My Song for Part 2 of The Cross of Infertility.

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1 Comment

  • Reply Anna Wetzler January 21, 2014 at 7:29 pm

    Dear Amanda,

    I confess that I have only read part 1 and 2 of your cross of infertility blog posts so many apologies if I am violating rules for family and friends of what to say/not say. As sisters in Christ, first and foremost, praying for you and Johnathon. My husband and I struggled with very similar issues…my “diagnoses” looked exactly the same as yours. To cut to the chase, I started doing some research and found that the underlying issue is hypothyroidism. That was a year and a half ago…by the grace of God (after consecration to the Blessed Virgin Mary and novena to St Girard)I came across an e book called Hypothyroid Revolution by Tom Brimeyer. I implemented several of the changes he recommends (supplements, gelatin,dairy,eggs ) and we have been blessed with a beautiful boy (John Paul). If you are interested in the e book, but don’t want to purchase it, I would be happy to send my password to you so that u can access the info and then decide if it is worth purchasing. I apologize if this e-mail in any way offends you…I know what the cross of infertility feels like and I want to be Veronica, not Simon of Cyrene. God bless u. Praying or you and Johnathon.

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