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Little Happies: Submitting Our Application

May 5, 2014

I thought this week would be riddled with many Little Happies to share since it was Jonathan’s birthday on May 1 and we had some fun parties we were invited to over the weekend….

However we both got sick. I had a 48-hour sinus headache and Jonathan had 102 degree fever/flu/cough thing. So no parties…and no big birthday celebration.

Big change from his last birthday.

Although we did not have any Little Happies to report, we do have one BIG HAPPY to share this week. (MAKE SURE TO READ BOTTOM FOR A WAY YOU CAN HELP)


app pic

You’re looking at our adoption application!!!!!!!!

It was actually a funny story about how this photo got taken. We went to the local USPS and took the envelope to the counter to purchase postage. Well, apparently after they stamp that “first class”, they cannot return it to you. It’s now officially the USPS property. My heart sank because I wanted to document this entire adoption journey via photo/video.

I looked up at the USPS worker with puppy dog eyes and said, “You may think this is weird but that is our adoption application and we really want a photo of us sticking it in the mailbox.” To which he replied, “Yes, that is weird, but it’s a weird I can appreciate!”

Despite there being about 25+ people behind us in line, he was only one of two people working, AND closing was in a few minutes…he walked out from behind the counter with us to the outside drop box (since he had to watch us drop it in, being USPS property now). Originally I wanted to do a couple photos and even a video of us talking to our future kiddo about this adoption application…but this kind man clearly had limited time and needed to get back to work. I snapped this one photo and in the application went.

After this, we went to the library and rented ten books on adoption. I have already read five of them. 🙂

The journey is officially beginning. I know that this process will likely feel like it drags out and takes but it will be worth it. Just like that time I walked El Camino de Santiago in Spain. I can draw many parallels from that pilgrimage on this journey through infertility and now through waiting for adoption.

Next steps will be the infamous Home Study and piles of unending paperwork. I can’t wait to tackle it head-on and just get r done.

Want a concrete way to help?

1. Please continue to pray with us in this journey. 

Thank God I am out of the infertility-despair-pit for now…but I still need to grow in patience and trust.

2. Please let us know if you hear of ANYONE thinking about placing their baby for adoption.

Anyone who is pregnant and contemplating adoption for their child. Your cousin’s, brother’s, friend’s, yoga instructor’s…you get the idea.