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Starting Synthroid and LUF Update

March 24, 2014

 New Rx Update

Well, my cocktail of medications just increased.

I had a long over-due (my fault it wasn’t done months ago) thyroid panel done a couple weeks ago.

My body seems to have a unique gifting to consistently do the wrong things when it comes to all things endocrine elated. Cue a new-found hypothyroidism.

I begin taking 50mcg of Synthroid daily this week in addition to the T3 15mcg twice per day.

Here’s to hoping this will help get this ole bag of bones on track to a healthier place!

I’ve figured this med was a long time coming since I regularly battle extreme fatigue, chronic constipation, cold intolerance, brittle nails, thin hair, low energy, etc. These have gotten slightly better over the years but are nowhere close to being gone. Maybe synthroid will improve not only my ovarian dysfunction but some of these hypo symptoms I experience.

Who’s on this med currently? Who’s thinking about getting on this med? Who’s been on this med? Has it helped your overall function in daily life? Improved ovulation issues? Give me the deets.

LUF Update

For those who prayed with us over the weekend as I took the HCG Trigger shot to induce ovulation – I went in for an ultra sound today to see what my ovary decided to do. TWO Big Fat LUFS! That means I have two follicles that never ruptured but only got bigger. Yes, they are painful. Hopefully progesterone will shrink them.

With the LUFS, and the need for synthroid, I am feeling a bit down but trying to stay positive. I mean, there were two mature follicles. That means if all went well, there could have been a possibility of twins! Even though not likely, it’s still the fact there was a chance and my body blew it, again.

I just don’t get how I could be perfectly healthy in every respect but then in ALL areas tied to fertility, my body is a walking nightmare. I fear that we will be on an endless cycle of bad news until we just decide enough is enough and stop all medical intervention in TTC.

Some days I look forward to that time…no more meds or tests or surgeries or pressure. Ahhhh, relief. But we aren’t quite there. I haven’t given this a long enough shot and I know it. For now, I move forward, trusting that at some point we will get some good news OR God will finally call us to stop the rigmarole and we can move on in peace.