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Let’s Fund Planned Parenthood’s Alternative – Update 4

September 27, 2016

Jonathan here, picking up the conversation from yesterday’s update.

Planned Parenthood is the nation’s largest abortion provider. In 2013, they performed 591 abortions per day. That’s 2 children killed every 5 minutes. And that’s just Planned Parenthood.

The alternative, is of course, to choose life. While the conversation might often end there, in real life it’s a little more complicated than that. So a mother chooses to not have an abortion. Then what? Sometimes they choose to parent and other times they choose to make an adoption plan.

In order to make choosing the alternative to abortion an option, we need to throw our support behind these two alternative outcomes. Supporting these options fleshes out the pro-life position and is vital for providing positive solutions to the problem of Planned Parenthood’s abortion operations.

Today is your chance to be a part a solution.

The needs of a mother and/or father raising a child she/they weren’t expecting are many and often carry financial and emotional price tags (food, child care, baby items, healthcare, etc). These are real and valid concerns to raising a child and if they are going to choose life but lack these basics – we ought to help out! If they want to parent, we as a pro-life community must come to their aid.

Let’s look at the other solution: adoption.

There are times when expectant parents decide parenting their child at that time isn’t the best overall option and they make an adoption plan. Choosing to make an adoptive placement typically comes with counseling, support, selection of prospective parents, and sometimes a few financial burdens lightened for a little while. All things it should entail!

Families being ready to welcome these children into their families are a vital part of supporting the expectant families’ pro-life decision. Thankfully there are a number of laws, regulations, and systems in place to make sure children end up in a safe and loving home. Paying all fees associated with the necessary checks as well as services for the birth family a part of an adoptive family getting ready.

Our family is currently getting ready to adopt and the fees will total $37,500+

Naturally, we’re doing a fundraiser.

This is where you get a chance to take a stand. Where you get to say to the abortion industry that you are supporting alternatives.

I invite you to please consider joining my family in making this adoption possible by sponsoring some pieces of the puzzle that will hang in our child’s room. Your name will be on the back of the pieces you sponsor, visible when it gets framed between two panes of glass. (More about the puzzle)

Joining our puzzle fundraiser is a concrete way to be part of saying YES to new life – By helping us be in a position to welcome any life God brings our way while also supporting the birth family’s decision they feel is best for them and this precious little one.

You can donate by PayPal (yellow button) or Square Cash (green button). If you’d like to send a check, use our contact form to ask for our address. You can learn more about our story on our Adoption Hub page.

Donate w/ Squarecash


Here’s an update on our progress through Day 4:

  • 185 pieces sold

  • $4,630 raised!!!! (+ checks on the way)

  • 12.4% of our goal of $37,500

Here’s a virtual picture of the puzzle’s progress:


If you would like to donate, please do so below. If you know of anyone who has a heart for adoption or pro-life issues, please share our story and invite them to consider joining the journey.

Donate w/ Squarecash