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Our Anniversary Octave

November 27, 2013

This past month was our 2-year anniversary. To celebrate, we ended up making an octave out of it without really meaning to. We just kept doing fun things every day! Definitely not the normal week. Thank goodness we are Catholic and have many more reasons to party for eight days in a row on a few occasions this year!

Days 1-3

We went to Breckenridge and stayed at a super cute Bed and Breakfast that we will definitely return to someday. I highly recommend it to others!!! While in Breck, we went to nearly all the local museums and ate some really great food. It was really relaxing and recharging to get away for a weekend.

It was 19 degrees outside.

It was 19 degrees outside.

Jonathan's happy!

Jonathan’s happy!

Breaking in our DSLR. We are still learning all it can do.

Breaking in our DSLR. We are still getting the hang of it.

Day 4

Candlelight dinner made by Jonathan – Steak on the grill, red potatoes, asparagus, and red wine. It was delicious. Then we ran out the door to host a Financial Peace University class, which we love doing!!!


Day 5 – Our Anniversary

After work, we hit up my absolute favorite restaurant in Denver – True Food Kitchen. It’s all recipes based on Dr. Weil’s Food Pyramid and healthy living.



Day 6

Our very first Denver Nuggets game! They played the Phoenix Suns…and unfortunately lost. Afterwards we had an itch to watch the movie Space Jam. What talent! 🙂

nuggets game

Day 7

Fun night hanging out with our neighbors! Forgot to snap any pics.


Day 8

May not be that fun for others…but we had a Teixeira finance committee meeting in which we decided to pursue saving for a house down payment. We calculated various scenarios, looked at housing costs in our area, talked about house preferences, etc. It was so much fun! Again, I don’t know how many people find financial discussions fun but we are some of the few!