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Prayers Appreciated!

March 20, 2014

I shared in my Little Happies this past week that I was going to be doing a new treatment to help get my ovaries to ovulate.

New as in nearly experimental-ish.

Well, it turns out my right ovary was a little bit of an eager beaver this round of clomid and on CD 10 its already mature. Typically I don’t “ovulate” on my chart until CD 17-18, so this is unusual. After receiving my U/S results this morning, I got a call from PPVI to not take my new medicine.

Instead, to my surprise, I was told to go ahead and do a 10,000 unit HCG trigger shot (administered by nurse Jonathan). He makes me say “you are the best nurse” every time he gives me shots, since I myself am a RN. He likes to rub it in that he has more nursing experience than I do currently.

Back to HCG – we tried this once before back in November and it didn’t work. It just resulted in an even fatter LUF that month and I hit a new low with infertility. So obviously I am nervous that we will have a repeat LUF…but maybe, just maybe, the trigger will work and I will actually ovulate like a normal woman.

This is where your prayers are appreciated. Please pray for:

  • healthy ovulation (let’s be honest I really want to pray for a healthy pregnancy but this a vital first step my body likes to forget to do!!!)
  • my sanity
  • the ability to forgive my body if it creates another LUF
  • my mood – I get a bit crazed on HCG

A rosary, spontaneous prayers, a chaplet, candle lighting, shouts, whispers, groans, novenas – however you desire to join us in prayer, it’s very much appreciated.

Infertility, Marriage

My favorite Infertility Blogs

December 2, 2013

Without a doubt, embracing infertility has been one of the hardest crosses in our marriage. For anyone reading this with infertility struggles, past or present, I am sure you can relate.

It’s hard not to judge time in “years of infertility” or by the various medical tests and treatments we’ve exhausted…to choose hope and joy in the present moment. By God’s grace, a great doctor/nurses, and good family/friend support, we keep puttering on somehow. I don’t mean to sound all gloom and doom…that wouldn’t be an accurate depiction of our life since we really are blessed in many ways. But this cross, like none other I’ve faced, has a way of weaving itself into every single day at some point. There’s no escaping it, especially since every single day brings a unique regimen of medicine/tests.

Something that makes the journey easier are great infertility blogs out there from women who have experienced(-ing) infertility first-hand. I find them honest, vulnerable, witty, relatable, and most of all – refreshing!

Without further ado, here are the blogs I enjoy most (Updated April 2016):

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