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#BabyTex2 Gender Reveal

October 11, 2016

Last week, Expecting Momma found out the gender of her baby and decided to share!

A couple of weeks ago she wanted the gender to be a surprise. We of course supported that decision 100%.

I am not a surprise gal. Nope. Not one bit. So it was tough for me but again, totally good with her preference.

(On a side note: In adoption I find it easier to emotionally and mentally connect with the baby before birth by knowing their gender. Doing a gender reveal creates potential risk for heart-ache if a disruption takes place…but in our minds this baby is worth risking our hearts for. A place of vulnerability indeed but we believe we ought to act on the truth that we know today, which is that an Expectant Mother has made an adoption plan for her baby with us. We want to do everything we can in our hearts and minds to prepare for that child and a special reveal is part of that process for us, among several other things.)

While Expecting Momma was at her appointment, she decided to find out the gender and share with us! WOOT! WOOT! Very welcome news indeed.

When I knew we would find out the gender shortly via text, I buried my phone in my bag and refused to look, lest I spoil the surprise without Jonathan.  I went to the Dollar Store and purchased 2 pink and 2 blue silly string containers.

I took them to Jonathan’s office (while Josie was napping at home with Grandparents) and we had his boss read the phone text and then meet us outside with the appropriate silly string (only this time the cap was removed so we couldn’t identify the color).

We counted down.




It’s a……






A girl.


We couldn’t be more thrilled.

Please keep Expectant Mother and her baby in your prayers. We actually go to meet her this upcoming weekend. It’ll be a fast weekend mostly spent on the road but hopefully a good time to get to know each other better.

Thanks for celebrating Baby Tex 2’s gender reveal with us!

Lastly, we’re about 30% of our way to the overall fundraising goal, which is awesome. Some of you have continued to share our puzzle with others to bring in more donations and we’re so grateful. Thank you to everyone standing by us and this Expectant Mother and her baby as we walk through the adoption process together. If you are still interested in joining the journey or know someone who is, jump in below:

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