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Help Us Find A Birth Mother!

June 25, 2014
We are publicly kick-starting our plans to adopt and giving you TWO ways in which you can help our family grow. In this first blog post, we will explore the first way you can help. We cover fundraising in the second post.

Help us find Baby Teixeira!


 Designated Adoption is where we meet a birth mother via family/friends connections. There is a significant price difference between this route and the Domestic Infant Adoption route, which is the path we will go down if we cannot find a birth mother via family/friends connection. Pursuing Designated Adoption means our agency doesn’t have to provide all the services they would if we didn’t have any birth mother connections, which is why there is a legitimate price difference.

Check out the price differences below:

Domestic Infant Adoption $27,580

Designated Adoption: $8,700-$17,000*

*The reason for the Designated Adoption range is that if the birth mother is also from Colorado, it would cost $8,700. If she is out of state, we are required to get an agency in that state to work with our agency in Colorado…hence paying twice the amount of fees. Still costs less than the Domestic Infant Adoption route.

What can you do to help us pursue Designated Adoption?


1. Share our photo(s) and intentions via any social media site.

Example: Hey everyone! I know an awesome couple looking to grow their family through adoption. If you or anyone you know is looking for an adoptive family, let me know. Thanks!

2. Ask around about any adoption situations, particularly if you know anyone who works in Emergency Pregnancy Services, Labor & Delivery hospital wing, OBGYN office, etc.

3. Pray!!

Thanks everyone for your generosity and support in our journey towards adoption!