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4 Lessons From My First Year as a Dad

November 13, 2015
One year ago, our lives changed when Josie was born and joined our family. Josie may have tripled her weight in the last year, but I’ve grown a lot too. Here are a few things I learned this year:

1. Love’s New Dimension

It’s a simple idea, but one that I’ve really come to understand: we love different people differently. The love I have for my Mom is different from that for my wife which again is different from that for my brother.
I don’t love any of those people more than another, I love them each differently.
The love a father has for his daughter is a whole different type of love. It’s deep, rich, and like nothing else. It’s like a new color was added to the crayon box of my life.

2. Sleep is Overrated

Some babies sleep really well at night from early on. Others get there a little later. And then there’s Josie, who only recently started sleeping until 5:30am. Before that she was up (read we were all up) 2-4 times every night.
My sleep hasn’t been this poor (in amount and/or quality) in years, and it takes a greater toll than it used to. But it’s okay.
I’ve been functioning just fine, and even if I’m upset/angry/super tired when that kid starts screaming 20 minutes after I fall asleep (and again a few hours later), it all melts away when I go in there to try and calm her down. I love that booger so dang much.

3. My Life is Not My Own. And I Love It.

We used be more spontaneous. Going to the movies on a whim. Taking weekend day trips without much advanced planning. Running errands when they needed to be done. Taking free time to pursue new hobbies.
All that’s gone.
Babysitters, nap times, and spending time with Josie have taken over all that. And forget about flying somewhere with just a carry-on.
I don’t have as much free time. And things that used to be quick and easy take time and planning now. I haven’t touched my hobby electronics in months. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.
My days are made up less of chasing my own wants and needs and more of doing my best to provide for Josie’s wants and needs. I am living less for myself and more for my family. And that’s making me a better man.

4. A Better Understanding of God the FATHER

Because I now understand the love a father has for their child (see above), I have been able to gain a better understanding on how God sees me.
One of my greatest joys is watching Josie interact with her world: exploring a room, playing with her toys, ransacking a bookshelf or the diaper bag. I love interacting with her: picking her up, listening to her babble at me, playing peek-a-boo.
I translate the joy I find in my daughter to what God must feel for me, his son. He loves watching me interact with my world: exploring new places, enjoying his creation. He loves interacting with me: when I come to him in prayer.
His heart overflows with love for me as mine does for Josie. Except even more, because I’m a broken man, and when it comes down to it, I stink at loving. He’s God. His love is perfect. He loves me so much more than I can ever love Josie, and that blows me away.
I’ve learned many things, but those are the big ones I want to share with you today.
And to the mom’s out there, check out Amanda’s post on what she’s learned as a mom.

Your Favorite Posts Of 2014

December 29, 2014

I can hardly believe it but 2015 is just around the corner.

It’s been a huge year for us at True Good and Beautiful and our blog traffic reflects that reality.

This little blog has seen 88,812 views this year, which is quite the jump from previous years. Thank you for joining us in our corner of the interwebs and for sharing life with us. It’s been a privilege and an honor.

Without further ado, let’s peek at what YOUR favorite posts were in 2014:

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Our Adoption Journey

November 24, 2014

As I sit here typing this…there is a baby fast asleep in my swaddle shirt.

A baby.


We are obviously still in disbelief but it’s been two weeks since Miss Josephine Rose entered this world.

Two weeks in which we have basically lived in a Zombie-like  sleepless state. Two weeks filled with the h.a.r.d.e.s.t. things we have ever done. Two weeks brimming with joy and hope.

And unless we sit down to document the journey here, it will likely be lost in our imaginations forever since our memories deprived of sleep haven’t been proving too reliable.

So, here we go.

The journey officially began over two weeks ago, on Friday November 7th.

We went to the airport with three suitcases, a stroller, a car seat carrying backpack, a stuffed baby bag, and two personal bags. We looked like a three ring circus and it was a lot of fun! We kept getting comments like, “Where’s the baby?” since the stroller was empty. Numerous times as we told people about our adoption plans, they claimed to immediately “get chills” and tear up. Adoption is very cool and exciting but we weren’t expecting complete strangers to be so moved.

It felt like we were embarking on an adventure we could never turn back from…sort of like The Lord of The Rings.

We flew standby so that means we missed flight after flight after flight until we finally caught the last flight out (eight hours later) from Denver to Sacramento. What did we do while we sat at the Denver airport? We watched Wreck It Ralph and I pumped breast milk on the women’s bathroom floor several times. I swear women looked at me like I had a bomb under my nursing cover as I huddled in dark corners of the bathroom.

We landed in Sacramento, California and drove to a couple’s home whom we’d never met except via email and telephone. We found them via some Catholic connections and they were the perfect couple to stay with while we were away from home.

My parents honeymooned in San Francisco, so we just had to visit some of the spots they talk about in their stories: St. Mary’s Cathedral in China Town, Fisherman’s Wharf, Pier 39…all the tourist traps. We got stuck in 2+ hours of traffic on our way back to Sacramento and began listening to Serial, a podcast being aired by This American Life and it is AWESOME. I highly recommend a listen.

We slept in Sunday morning, which was a very very wise decision and then repacked up for our journey north for the birth of baby Josie.

Monday morning began at 3 am since we needed to drive 4 hours north meet Josie’s birth family. Upon arriving at the hospital, Tiffany (Josie’s birth mom) got all checked in and ready for the c-section. She and Matt (Josie’s birth dad)  chose for me to be in the Operating Room when Josie was born, which was SUCH an honor.

I can’t describe how I felt being in the room while Tiffany had the c-section. I was filled with gratitude for her love and sacrifice for baby Josie. I was stunned and shocked about what was about to happen. I was anxious because any surgery gives me nervous energy, especially ones where I am present.

Then she came. Josephine Rose Teixeira.

I remember the doctor making a comment about how she already needed a trim because she had a full head of hair. Once the Doctor moved aside, I caught my first glimpse 🙂 I told Tiffany I would either be unable to express emotion or a basket case…but I was neither. I gently cried and felt immense levels of gratitude. I brought Josephine over to Tiffany and we both got our first in-depth looks at her hair, her button nose, her big lips, and her long eyelashes. She was a beauty.

We spent the next 72 hours in the hospital visiting with Matt and Tiffany frequently. It was a very special time for everyone and we will tell Josie stories from our time with them for years to come. A local priest came and held an adoption blessing ceremony for us – it was awesome. I love being Catholic because there is a blessing for everything! 🙂

Finally it was time to travel back down south to Sacramento to wait out the paper work between California and Colorado. It was bittersweet to say goodbye to Matt and Tiff as they are part of our family now…and the gift they’ve given us really has no words to match it. We couldn’t possibly ever express to them how thankful we are for them and for their desire to make an adoption plan for Josephine with us.

It’s the most humbling thing in the world.

We “settled” in our home away from home in Sacramento as best we could. Besides being totally overwhelmed, exhausted, and having some nursing issues, we were loving every minute of the ride. The family we stayed with were nothing but gracious. They fed us and made sure we had a car to get around to appointments. We really couldn’t have asked for better living accommodations. We became a family in that home 🙂

We spent a few days waiting on paperwork and I got a phone call last Tuesday that we were free to come home to Denver. So on Wednesday, November 19th we gathered up the luggage, this time with a baby in tow, and flew back to Colorado. We’ve been settling in ever since…not sure when we will feel fully settled but it’s definitely not yet! 🙂

That’s our story! Thanks for everyone who followed along with us via social media!

Please keep our newly adjusting family in your prayers. God bless!


How to Come With Us and Meet #BabyTex

November 6, 2014


We are so excited about the upcoming adoption!!! 🙂

Both of us express this enthusiasm in different ways though….

Have you seen Home Alone? Remember when the mom calls 911 about leaving her son at home? They keep passing her back and forth, describing her as “hyper on (line) two?” 

That’s me.

I’ve washed, dried, folded, and organized all my cloth diapers by color. I’ve dusted every visible and non-visible surface of the house. I ironed a curtain with one wrinkle. I vacuum constantly and wipe down the kitchen counters at least three dozen times a day. Then when I have nothing left to clean, I pick a fight with Jonathan just to stay mentally preoccupied.

Jonathan has burst out in laughter and screamed with excitement. Or jumped up and down.

His version of handling excitement mixed with nervous energy seems much more fun and lovable…

But before I start over-analyzing about how I’m not as holy or fun as Jonathan is, let’s turn back to the adoption! We leave for California THIS FRIDAY!!!

Many of you don’t have too much experience with adoption, or perhaps you even donated via our Adoption Puzzle.…so we want to bring you all along with us on this cool adventure!

How do we plan to do that? Well, we will be updating our trip here on the blog as wi-fi and time permits. More often, we will share photos via Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Below is the information on how to follow us via social media for the play-by-play updates while we are on the road::




#BabyTex is what we’ll be using as we document our adventures 🙂 Feel free to join in the fun or just tag along for the ride.

We will also be including our Adoption Puzzle progress (79% done) while we’re away for those who want to jump on the bandwagon in the eleventh hour. Stay tuned!


Last Chance To Join Our Adoption Puzzle!

October 10, 2014

It’s your last chance to join in the adoption puzzle fun! 🙂

Back in August we successfully met our phase one goal with a 9-day push! Woohoo!

At that point, we needed $13,000 to submit payment to both adoption agencies (Colorado and California). We exceeded that goal with all of your help and couldn’t be filled with more gratitude.

So, what’s the puzzle look like today?

DSC04335A whole lot more progress from last time you saw it, due to donations that rolled in past the nine day push.

I can’t wait to tell Baby Girl about all those people on the back of the puzzle and how they made this adoption possible 🙂

Here are the stats:

  • 743 Pieces Sold

  • $18,575 raised

  • 74% of original goal of $25,000

That’s awesome, right!?!?!

So we are officially onto phase two of wrapping up the puzzle fundraiser. There are still expenses coming up, so those of you who want to slip in LAST minute before we finalize and hang the puzzle…now is your chance!

The expenses we do know are coming up include:

  • $975 Agency Coop and ICPC fees

  • $1,700 Post Placement Fee

  • $500 Variable Expenses from Colorado agency

  • $2,500 Variable Expense from California agency

  • $1,100 Travel Expenses while in California 

Total Expenses Left: $6,775.00

What does that mean for how much we still have yet to fundraise in phase two?

Let’s do some math below:

Phase One expenses ($13,000) + Phase Two expenses ($6,775.00) = Total adoption expenses ($19,775.00)

Total adoption expenses ($19,775.00) – Total fundraised ($18,575.00) = Total left to fundraise ($1,200)

So that’s basically nothing compared to what we’ve fundraised to this point! 🙂

This is the LAST CALL for those who want to forever be part of Baby Girl Teixeira’s adoption. Help us meet this final phase two goal and become part of our family forever.

Thank you all and God bless!

Click here to learn more about the puzzle fundraiser!


Little Happies: All About Baby Tex

October 6, 2014

Welcome back to the Little Happies 🙂

This week is all about Baby Teixeira…and let’s be honest…the fact that I am writing about this at all is a HUGE HAPPY!!!

But there can certainly be little happies along the journey to the big ones! That’s what I want to share with you this week.


In this post you will also discover the gender of Baby Tex!!!!

Now I’ve got your attention!


We “met” Baby Tex back in August because we were blessed with baby’s birth momma being willing to travel to Denver while being very pregnant. (I use the term birth mom since that’s a commonly used term in the adoption world. She is truly much more and I in no way mean that term to belittle her in anyway whatsoever.)

The weekend was awesome. My SIL and nephew flew in too, so it was definitely a packed house. We spent time swimming, eating, chatting, tie-dying, and laughing. Lots of laughing. It was a great weekend and we realized that we are spoiled with a great birth family. I’ve never met such giving, selfless, caring, and positive people. We are excited about an open adoption and know it will bless our and Baby Tex’s life over the years ahead.



Then there was this 🙂

Our first and only photos of Baby Tex are a few ultrasound pics in which they couldn’t get great images. Oh well, at least they got some!

This was the photo shoot in which Baby revealed their gender and breech status. Say some prayers Baby flipped between then and now!



Insanely surreal.

I had a Baby Shower.


Back when I was knee deep in warped infertile thinking, I wrote this day off as something that would NEVER happen.

But it did. Wow. Thank you Lord!

My wonderful family hosted a totally Pintrest-worthy shower for me last weekend. Major shout-out to my Aunt Denise who went all out and painted decorations, made the cake/cupcakes, and made every detail as cute as can be. It was a lot of fun to celebrate this upcoming adoption with family and friends.

And now we actually have clothes for the kiddo to wear 🙂



Before the shower we had a private gender reveal – so we could also then tell others the gender at the baby showers.

Our baby’s birth mom Facebook messages me the gender results.

Then my mom hacked into my Facebook account, read the message and called Baby R Us.

The staff at Baby R Us put together a onesie package based on the gender of Baby Tex.

We arrived to pick up the gift wrapped package and the staff were so giddy! 🙂 They said this small task made their night. It was really touching to see how excited people are about adoption.

Then we opened the package….and obviously by now you know IT’S A GIRL!!!!!! EEEEEEPPPPP!!!

We couldn’t be more excited about this! 🙂



Then I had amazing friends in Denver throw me a second Baby Shower! 🙂

Double surreal!!!

Again, it was cute as can be and we also had a gender reveal in the gorgeous and delicious gluten-free cupcakes.

Even though I knew, don’t I still look surprised? Props to Alzbeta for snapping these photos of the gathering!

I felt so supported and loved the past couple weeks. Again, it’s truly inspiring to see how excited people are for this adoption.


Lactation induction.

Obviously no photos here.

This might sound weird to some of you but I assure you it’s not.

I am currently inducing lactation so I can breast-feed Baby Girl. This involves taking herbs, medications, drinking lots of water/tea, and pumping every 2-3 hours per day.

But after two weeks of pumping, I started making milk! What!?!?!

It’s not much. I only make 3-4 ounces a day which is a SMALL fraction of what the baby needs. It keeps getting better each day though, which is encouraging since “the ladies” didn’t really have 9 months to gear up for this. I’ve got about one month left to keep pumping, storing, freezing, and building my supply. It’s literally my new full-time job and I am so excited to be doing it.

That’s a Little Happy wrap! Stay tuned this week for one last puzzle fundraiser update!