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Growing Our Family Piece by Piece: Day Three Update

September 26, 2016

Thanks for checking back in our our Puzzle Fundraiser for bringing home Baby Tex #2!

Yesterday was a slower day in the land of puzzles but we more or less expected it – gorgeous weather, the Sabbath day, and football. Sundays are a slower day online so no biggie.

But we are back in the week and we have SIX DAYS left in which we are trying to fundraise a lot. A whole lot.

Some people ask me why adoption is so very expensive and I don’t really have a solid answer.

Y’all see the fee breakdown like we do on our adoption hub page. We don’t get much more detailed information of how those expenses itemize out dollar by dollar. There is a whole bunch more legal work than meets the eye in addition to providing solid counseling for birth families both before and after adoption placements. There are intense background and psychological evaluations. Sometimes there are even expenses built in to assist the birth family with some basic necessities while they go through the adoption process. These are all good things that ought to be covered. We have to trust our agency to be fair and honest with their fees and we’re with a good one.

There are times I wish it was less costly but I wouldn’t want it to be any less thorough, since then all parties involved would more vulnerable…so not certain it could be any more affordable. All we do know is that we feel supported and encouraged by all of you in this and we’re so grateful. Without your generosity, we wouldn’t be able to pursue adoption at this time.

Thank you for giving to a pro-life cause that isn’t always thought of as one. What I mean by that is most people hear “pro-life” and think about crisis pregnancy clinics and praying outside of a Planned Parenthood. Those are pro-life but it’s far broader – caring for immigrant families, death penalty laws, access to healthcare, taking care of the poor and homeless, end of life issues, foster/adoptive families, caring for birth families, ethical reproductive technology, war time practices, and on and on it goes.

Joining our puzzle fundraiser is a concrete way to be part of saying YES to new life – By helping us be in a position to welcome any life God brings our way while also supporting birth family’s decision they feel is best for them and this precious little one.

Let’s see the progress did we make on Day Three?

  • 139 pieces sold

  • $3,470 raised!!!!

  • 9.25% of our goal of $37,500

Here’s a virtual picture of the puzzle’s progress:



If you would like to donate, please do so below. If you know of anyone who has a heart for adoption, please share our story and invite them to consider joining the journey.

Donate w/ Squarecash



Growing Our Family Piece by Piece: Day 1 Update

September 24, 2016

Oh my gosh you guys.

Yesterday was a day of all the feels.

Humbled. Scared. Hopeful. Vulnerable. Excited. Honored. Emotional. Thankful. Overwhelmed. Blessed.

It was also a busy day, so I apologize for not being able to respond to all your well wishes online as fast as I wanted.

Seeing your enthusiasm and excited for our growing family was truly a gift. I can’t believe we get to welcome another baby into our family and it’s an honor to have your support and blessings as we announced that wonderful news.

Then seeing financial contributions for the puzzle come in and the messages that accompanied them…just beautiful and moving. Thank you for your kindness and generosity.

What kind of progress did we make on Day One?

  • 80 pieces sold

  • $2,000 raised!!!!

  • 5.3% of our goal of $37,500

Here’s a virtual picture of the puzzle’s progress:


Thank you all for kicking off the fundraiser with us. I think most people are just as shocked as we are about this LOL! 🙂

If you would like to donate, please do so below. If you know of anyone who has a heart for adoption, please share our story and invite them to consider joining the journey.




Help Us Complete Our Adoption Puzzle!

September 23, 2016

Thank you for joining us here at True Good & Beautiful as we publicly kick-start our plans to adopt Baby Tex #2!

I can’t believe we will be a family of FOUR! Praise you Jesus and someone pinch me quick so I know I’m not dreaming! 🙂

Here in this post, we have the details on how your story and our story can interweave through a puzzle fundraiser. We did a puzzle for our first adoption two years ago and its been not only a beautiful artwork but a reminder of how many kind and generous people there truly our in this world. When we found out we were blessed to be chosen for a second adoption, we knew another puzzle was the perfect idea.

This specific situation is estimated to cost around $37,500 when all is said and done. And a lot of that is due soon. We know that with God and your support it’s more than possible to achieve. We are humbly asking you to join us financially and prayerfully as we say YES to adopting again.

We’re running this fundraiser as a novena to the St. Therese. She’s the patron saint of missionaries, and both her parents are saints, too. (#FamilyGoals) The novena prayers end on her feast day, October 1st, and that’s our goal date for hitting our financial goal.

The Puzzle!!!!

Please note: The puzzle above is not the actual puzzle, but a mock-up with a picture of the back of Josie's puzzle. See below.

Please note: Because time restraints, the puzzle above is not the actual puzzle, but a mock-up paired with a picture of the back of Josie’s puzzle. See below.

Since this situation came together super duper fast, and there isn’t much time to spare, we have to do the fundraiser without the puzzle in-hand. The real puzzle is ordered and will be here in a few weeks. Once it comes in, we’ll be putting names on the pieces and framing it, just like last time. We’ll be sure to update you as it happens.

Here’s how it works:

  • We have designed a beautiful 1,500 piece puzzle
  • Each piece can be “purchased” for a $25 donation or more
  • You can buy one or many puzzle pieces
  • Your name will be written on the pieces you purchase scaled to size
After the puzzle is completed, we’ll frame the puzzle between two pieces of glass and hang it in our child’s room. This will be a wonderful keepsake to see all the people who loved Baby Tex 2 before he/she was even born!
And please join us in our novena! We’ll include our novena prayer at the end of this post and in each of our updates posts throughout the novena/fundraiser.

How to Donate:

  • Click on the Donate button below and pay securely through PayPal
  • Write a check or donate cash and hand deliver to Jonathan and/or Amanda Teixeira
  • Mail a check to us (use our contact form to ask for our address)


We are very excited to sprint through this journey once again and to have you alongside cheering and praying us onward. You can get updates on the fundraiser and our adoption journey on our adoption page.

Novena Fundraiser Prayer

We pray in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

St. Therese, Little Flower of Jesus and Mary, I approach you with childlike confidence and simple humility. You pledged to spend your heaven doing good on earth. Please do good by bringing this petition to our faithful Savior, Jesus, in heaven:

I ask your intercession for the Teixeira family and their upcoming adoption.

May their family become saints as you and your family have. Ask our loving God for an abundance of blessings to rain down on them.

You teach us in your writings to trust God completely. Ask God to bless me and the Teixeiras with absolute trust in our Father. Together with them, I entrust their fundraising efforts to God. Our Heavenly Father is good, and he provides for his children. May this fundraiser’s success be a witness to the world of his abundant and providential love for all his children.

St, Therese of the Child Jesus, Pray for us!

In the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.



Just When I Thought Things Couldn’t Get Crazier…

September 23, 2016

Remember how we recently updated you on The Summer of 2016 and celebrated that I was still halfway sane?

If you hadn’t caught those, Part 1 and Part 2 are here for your reading pleasure.

In the end of my last post, I explained that I just KNEW the changes weren’t over. I’m a freakishly intuitive person. Whenever Jesus is about to do something big, he gives me this vague pit-in-my-stomach thingamajig as a warning.

I’ve had that feeling since May and it still hadn’t gone away…hence me knowing change was still a comin’ round the mountain.

And let me tell you. This one was a mic drop.

Before I drop the atomic bomb news on y’all, let me back this train up for a hot minute.

In May I had an insanely clear dream that we were supposed to pursue adoption again. We put some photos here and on Facebook, not really knowing how things would shape up. We got several leads in those first few days. An OVERWHELMING MAJORITY of them were links to an adoption blogger who had posted about a baby due in August 2016. At that time, we had NO idea we’d be moving cross country this summer but we did know that the August baby wasn’t our baby. (In hindsight, it would have been impossible for Jonathan to have made a career move had we pursued that sitch.)

I started following that blogger’s RSS feed because of YOUR referrals.

This brings us to this past Thursday night.

All Jonathan and I had planned was to do was Netflix and chill. And as a 31 year old woman, I mean we planned to literally watch Friends on Netflix while drinking wine.

I had to check one more thing on my computer and that’s when I saw the blog had an update. There was an Momma looking for an adoptive family for her baby and the agency wanted traditional married couples to submit their profiles.

We don’t have a profile. We don’t even have a home study done. We just moved states and live with my parents while we wait to move into our home.

Why would I even THINK this would be possible?

As these doubts ran through me, the same exact feelings that came over me when I found out about Josie hit me. This wasn’t just any situation. We had to get a profile done and FAST!

We stayed up until 4 am working on the profile (while Fixer Upper played in the background) and sent it to the agency. They said expectant mom would be looking soon and they’d be in touch.

The weekend felt like an eternity. I tried to keep busy and not think about it but that was basically impossible.

I had mostly happy and hopeful thoughts but a few times I started to panic about the fundraising.

When Josie joined our family, we raised around $18,000 of the total $25,000 to cover the adoption expenses. We vowed to start saving for the next adoption as soon as possible and we have. This situation is going to cost over $37,500 in agency and legal fees…which is slightly more than we’d saved (kidding, it’s A LOT MORE)…so fundraising is again vital. And of course we just moved to a new state and need to start our home study from scratch – meaning we can’t apply for grants (since they require a completed study). 

Lies crept in. 

“People don’t want to donate to your adoption fund again.”

“You’re annoying.”

“Maybe you shouldn’t adopt if you can’t afford it.”

That’s when I got a message on Facebook from a old friend I hadn’t spoken to in several years. She said she got a bonus at work and was praying about where to send extra tithe money…and Jesus pressed us on her heart for our next adoption – whenever that would be.





Talk about God just cutting those fundraising lies down with a lightening bolt.

My jaw was nearly on that floor in pure awe. It was then that I remembered who God is – a loving Father who provides for his children. (And sometimes shows off a bit while doing it!) OF COURSE God had someone who wasn’t aware of the situation come in and dispel those lies to set the record straight about fundraising. He’s so in control that even before I asked for his help or realized I’d gotten tangled in lies, he moved into the situation in an undeniable way. 

Inviting others into the story through fundraising was so very special last time around and I don’t want to rob us or others of that grace. It was too beautiful.

Fundraising again it is. God left no room for argument. 

OK, back to the profile.

We submitted it over the weekend and Monday night I was again on the computer getting auto insurance quotes. (If you don’t shop around every year, they will gauge your eyeballs out people!)

So there I am minding my own business when I see an email come in from the adoption agency.

I opened it and didn’t even read it straight away – I just panned for either positive or negative language. That’s when I saw the words, “She has selected your profile as the prospective forever family for her baby!”

OHHHHHHHH MYYYYYYYYYY GOSHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (In Janice from Friends voice)

I dropped the computer and sprinted to the kitchen to tell Jonathan, JoJo, and my mom. Jonathan thought I was joking at first and had to go read the email. WHY WOULD I JOKE ABOUT THIS? Women who’ve battled 5 years of infertility NEVER joke about babies.

For real though….

Wednesday night we had a phone call to talk with Birth Mama and it went really well. Of course we were nervous but she was so sweet. What struck me most was her selflessness and thoughtfulness. We look forward to getting to know her better these next couple of months.

Curious as to when Baby Tex #2 is coming on the scene?


Christmas will be a blur this year (since I don’t even remember the Thanksgiving the week after Josie was born) but that’s just fine by me! And yup, the next several weeks will be controlled chaos but they will be glorious. 🙂

This is where YOU’RE HELP comes in.

Like I mentioned earlier – this situation is going to be over $37,500 in agency, legal fees, background checks, travel, etc.

What we have saved doesn’t hold a candle to that and realistically what we’ve got saved will cover our home study and a few other things.

We’ve decided to do another Puzzle Fundraiser because we absolutely LOVE Josie’s puzzle hanging in her room. We love the reminder it is of how she came into our family and we enjoy being able to look at the back of it and see how many generous people cared and donated.

You can help by:

  1. Donating towards our puzzle fundraiser. Pieces are $25 and there are 1,500 pieces in the puzzle. You can buy one or more and you’re name will be written on the back of your piece(s).
  2. SHARE this with your family, friends, and neighbors who you think would care and want to be involved.
  3. Pray that God will provide for not only our needs but for all of Birth Mama’s and baby’s needs. Adoption is not an easy choice and we want to pray for her and her growing little one.
  4. Join Our Novena. We’re running this fundraiser as a novena to St. Therese (today through her feast day – Oct 1) and we’ve got a prayer to say each of the nine days. Check it out on our Adoption Page.
  5. SHARE our posts and pages about this adoption. I’ve listed it again because it’s so important to get the word out. There are a lot of people out there with generous hearts and your sharing our posts give them a chance to get involved!

Thank you all for your support and encouragement in advance. You guys are the best. 🙂


Building Our Family Piece by Piece: Day Four

August 16, 2014

Four days down.

Six more to go until the day we hope to meet our funding goal of nearly $13,000 for the home study completion and out-of-state agency fee.

Today we got a chance to attend a consignment sale and it put even more reality to this adoption. Since our babe will be born in November, we had to grab way cute newborn outfits for Thanksgiving and Christmas 🙂

Today we also saw more family, friends, and strangers sharing our puzzle fundraiser via email and social media sites. We even got a shout-out from an amazing blogger over at Catholic All Year. Thank you to everyone putting in effort to helping us adopt!

We had more puzzle pieces purchased on Saturday and the progress is below!

On day four we sold a total of 71 puzzle pieces, totaling $1,775!! 

Total overall stats thus far are as follows:

  • 357 pieces sold

  • $8,923 raised

  • 68% of current goal of $13,000

  • 36% of original goal of $25,000

Here’s a picture of the puzzle progress:


SO MUCH PROGRESS TODAY! 🙂 I am loving seeing this come together.

Again we are beyond humbled and grateful. In the beginning we were nervous, thinking we shouldn’t ask for any financial assistance in this endeavor. God made it clear though he wanted us to make ourselves vulnerable in this way and to ask others to join us. Thank you for those who are along for the ride and are cheering us on.

Thank you again for all who are joining Team Baby Teixeira! :)

Keep coming back each day for new progress updates!

Click here to learn more about the puzzle fundraiser!


Building Our Family Piece by Piece: Day Three

August 16, 2014

Three days down.

Seven more to go until the day we hope to meet our funding goal of nearly $13,000 for the home study completion and out-of-state agency fee.

I just want to say how humbled and thankful we are to everyone who’s participated thus far.

New friends. Old friends. Family. Neighbors. People we’ve never even met.

I am truly in awe at the goodness of others. That is saying a LOT since we’ve fundraised our paychecks for seven years now and we know incredibly generous people. The support and positive reactions from others has been amazing and we will have quite the story for our precious little one that I am sure they will want to hear time and time again…the story of how many people loved them before ever meeting face to face.

We had more puzzle pieces purchased on Friday and the progress is below!

On day three we sold a total of 29 puzzle pieces, totaling $725!! 

Total overall stats thus far are as follows:

  • 286 pieces sold

  • $7,150 raised

  • 55% of current goal of $13,000

  • 29% of original goal of $25,000

Here’s a picture of the puzzle progress:


It’s slow and steady progress but day by day we are inching towards our goal!

Thank you again for all who are joining Team Baby Teixeira! 🙂

Keep coming back each day for new progress updates!

Click here to learn more about the puzzle fundraiser!