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Sugar-Free Start to 2012

January 1, 2012

This decision to go “sugar-free” (no processed or refined grains or any added sugars) is a long time coming… It is actually a pure coincidence that the choice is now being firmly made upon the brink of a New Year. I am not one to make “New Year’s resolutions” since I typically am a very driven and disciplined person who enjoys trying and starting challenges all throughout the year. Sugar has been my Achilles tendon though and I’ve struggled to say goodbye to my long-time love affair with it, despite the fact I have a degree in Nursing and know exactly what I am up against genetically. I first read the book “Sugar Shock” by Connie Bennett about two years ago. I then read the book “Suicide by Sugar” by Nancy Appleton. I’ve researched thoroughly on this topic and found a great website about doing a 30-Day Sugar Free Challenge. I have poured over the research, attempted my own brief sugar-free stints, and gotten hyped to finally pull the plug and CUT SUGAR!


Five years ago I was diagnosed with a “pre-diabetic” condition and placed on the drug Metformin to keep my blood sugar levels normalized, so I did not develop full blow Type 2  diabetes. I don’t fit the typical profile for a Type 2 diabetic…since it’s not caused by the normal triggers. I have PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) which can mess my hormones up and since insulin is a hormone that breaks down sugar, mine was not working properly. I wanted off the drug eventually but if nothing changed in my lifestyle, I would have to take it FOR LIFE! I know that even on the drug, unless I cut sugar, eventually (years down the road), I will likely develop Type 2 diabetes unless I do something different NOW!

 Well, for all the times I got close to the decision of finally going sugar-free and a couple good weeks, I would get weak (duh! I shouldn’t be surprised by this…) and fall prey to sugar laced goodies and carbs in any existing form I could find. See, I am what they would call a “sugar addict”. I’ve read some research that sugar is about as addictive as cocaine to some people…I fall into that category. I don’t even like candy…I am a pastries, corn chips, potato chips, cookies, cakes, rolls, breads, pizzas, pastas kind of girl. Heavy refined and even at times complex carbohydrates that act like sugar on my body are my largest weakness. But I have had enough. I am sick of feeling sick all the time because of the damage sugar is doing to my body.

How can I say no to these?!?!?!

If you haven’t read any of the research of the effect of sugar on our bodies, check out the 141 reasons sugar is killing us – . The cutting edge research is saying that sugar is the new cigarette. Just like nobody knew cigs were bad for their health and in old movies even doctors smoked in their offices, nobody knows now what sugar is doing to our bodies. It’s a silent and slow killer. Just like the Tobacco industry used to be major lobbyists and yield heavy influence in food and drug policies, it’s the Sugar Industry now holding that power. Looking at sugar research that is coming onto the health scene by Doctors, I predict Sugar will finally be declared an enemy to our health within the next 20 years. We’ve finally gotten to a place where kids being born today have a lower life length expectancy than their own parents, since in their generation, kids are expected to develop Type 2 Diabetes more than any generation before. What’s killing Americans? Mostly it’s heart disease and cancers – two diseases oftentimes preventable by our lifestyle choices (mainly diet and exercise). Type 2 Diabetes can also contribute to developing heart disease.

I’ve watched sugar hurt my own health and I am watching it hurt people around me. I don’t think sugar in moderation would cause so much harm but since the average person is eating nearly half a pound of sugar a day and not even knowing it, I would say moderation has long been thrown out the window. I am filled with a desire to honor God with my body and my health. I want to bring Him glory by feeding my body with foods that will truly nourish it, not simply taste good and make me feel good, ultimately damaging my body slowly and likely more addicted to it. This blog is devoted to any true, good, and beautiful things in the world…and the truth is that sugar does more harm on our bodies that anyone likely knows since it’s damage is seen slowly over time. God is the one who designed our nature. With the Holy Spirit dwelling within us, St. Paul says our bodies are “temples”. The temple in the bible is known to be a sacred place, to be revered. With His grace to help me in my weaknesses, I want to make this change here on earth and offer it to Him. I DO NOT think every single person on earth must do “sugar-free” since some people aren’t as susceptible to it. I am not that extreme! HOWEVER, I think sugar consumption is way above a moderate level for anyone out there in America, so hopefully this inspires everyone to rethink about how we are fueling ourselves and taking care of the body given to us. I am confident that if there is food in Heaven, Jesus will have the best tasting cookies, chips, muffins, pastries, cakes, pizzas and pastas awaiting me, and they won’t even hurt me then! 🙂 For now, with the limitations I have in my body, I will accept them and go SUGAR FREE! Here’s to a New Year and hopes for change.

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