Date Night, Marriage

Red Wine and Our Book

August 15, 2013

Last night was date night in the Teixeira home and what were we up to?

running shoes

The night began with a run around the neighborhood, since we were lazy and didn’t work out early in the morning. Not the best way to start of date but it was actually quite beautiful watching the sunset over the mountains as we ran.



memory book

Upon arriving home, we sat on the back porch under the globe lights with some red wine and our book of memories. It’s the book that we record all our best stories and memories so we don’t forget them and can pass them onto the next generation. We think it will be a hoot to read later in life with family and friends, especially those who are part of the stories! Jonathan also enjoys drawing animated photos next to the text of each memory, so it’s a quite fun book to read through. We originally started it while dating. Once we got engaged and married we were really busy so we let it slide to the back burner. On our 500 Days of Marriage adventures day this past Spring (that’s deserves a blog post of it’s own) part of the afternoon was spent at Ozo Coffee in Boulder, CO catching the book up to that point. From then on we decided we shouldn’t let 500 days pass again before writing, so now we try to schedule time for it every few months.

For all you couples out there, I highly recommend this activity, as it’s just too much fun to go back and laugh about old stories that otherwise may get forgotten with time.

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