Little Happies: Wheeling and Dealing

May 19, 2014

It’s time for some Little Happies to start off the week! It’s been a delightfully busy week, so I am very excited to go back and relive it via memory!



One thing I love (among MANY things) about FOCUS is that I frequently have many opportunities to see dear friends as work crosses our paths throughout the year. This past week was the FOCUS LDI – Leadership Development Initiative. It’s a training week for all new Team Director’s within FOCUS. One Little Happy was that I got to teach a class during the week – I always enjoy that.

Another Little Happy was dinner at The Rio Grande with FOCUS friends. If you are ever in Denver – you must get a margarita at The Rio.



The wheeling and dealing is back! I found these sparkly-black Sperry’s at Mile High Thrift Store…for $5.95!!! Online? I could sell them for about $75.00 but they are so cute. I may just take the deal and not turn a profit. So very unlike me…but those mini sequins though!


House-hunting! I understand that is more of a “big” happy technically but what was little about it? The details! Our realtor not only drove us around but each time she took us out this week, she had Starbucks, waters, and delicious treats to share! She made what could be a stressful experience something that turned out to be fun, exciting, and relaxing in some ways.

Oh, and we did put an offer in on a town home! That will get a blog post of it’s own. Lots of decisions were made this weekend and I can confidently say – 100% Dave Ramsey approved! 🙂



We discovered this delicious-ness. WOW! I love cow’s milk but because I am trying to do more of an anti-inflammatory diet due to fertility challenges (half-way positive phrasing?) I have been wanting to ditch the obscene amounts of dairy in my life. This Almondmilk doesn’t make me miss the old stuff. No sugar. Great nutrients. Creamy. What more could I ask for?


open letter

I am totally humbled by the response last week’s blog received. No idea where this blog will go over the years but yall have blessed me with your kind remarks on Facebook and in person comments about last week’s post and the blog in general. Some of the online comments got a bit lively but I appreciated and expected that! Thanks for journeying through life with us!

Want to join in the fun? Link up over at Blessed to Be!

Next Little Happies will be provided by none other than Mr. Jonathan Teixeira! Please give him a warm welcome back to this blog! He doesn’t blog here much but I insist that change…as he’s far more entertaining and gifted at blogging than I am. Plus he is creative and does all those cool illustrated-guide things for FOCUS. Wayyyy more talent.

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  • Reply Stephanie May 19, 2014 at 8:12 am

    Now I want a margarita!! Those shoes are wonderful. Keep keep keep. You always need at least one pair of sparkly shoes in your closet. (I always wear mine on my bday!) SO EXCITED to hear more about the house. Crossing my fingers and saying some prayers for you guys! That’s the EXACT same almond milk I buy! Silk unsweetened! Mmmm. I actually prefer it to cow’s milk now. It’s great in smoothies! Hopping over to that post from last week now to read more of the comments. How exciting that it received a bit of attention. I was hoping it would. 🙂 Looking forward to reading Jonathan’s Happies next week. But don’t sell yourself short — yours are ALWAYS entertaining!

  • Reply Catholic Mutt May 20, 2014 at 9:04 pm

    Great list; I can’t wait to hear more about the house! 🙂

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