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Little Happies: I LOVE Olympics

March 3, 2014

Recently I ran across an awesome post over at Blessed to Be. The small things in life can often be hard to see or take joy in. Particularly, there are days I feel infertility is like a black cloud that always looms nearby, darkening even the best of times. Ugh! In her post, she talks about the temptation to live for the “next big thing” in life. I absolutely relate to that temptation and wish I could resist it more often than I do. Doesn’t it always appears that other people’s lives are simply falling together with simplicity and ease?!?!

Don’t we all know that guy/gal/couple/famliy? The “perfect” ones.


It only takes one person or couple to make it seem like that is EVERYONE else’s reality. And actually – that fantasy person or couple – doesn’t even exist. Things may appear a certain way on the exterior but let’s be real, life isn’t perfect and everyone undergoes suffering in their life. It may vary in appearance and degree, but it’s always there.

Nonetheless, her Little Happies post was something that really excited me. It made me want to begin looking at the little blessings in my daily life…hopefully I can consistently focus on those and not on the stream of endless bad news in the world of our fertility. I know that if I take the time to look at these little happies, not only will I be a much better person, but I will likely see God pursuing my heart in ways I am blind to currently. Without further ado, I wish to share some recent Little Happies:


lego movie

The Lego Movie. Not only did we see this hilarious, tear-jerking movie recently but we got to see it with some stellar friends AND it was in the theater that had super duper nice leather reclining seats! To really top it off, we all texted to follow the theater on social media, and each got a FREE small popcorn. That’s a big deal, my friends.



I never take the time to find good music. Thankfully I am married to a man who makes it a priority to discover good music. He has paid attention to what I like over the years and now can predict songs and artists I will fall in love with immediately. He’s like my own personal Pandora station! The newest addition to our musical enjoyment is Us. Check out their website. Make sure to listen to No Matter Where You Are. It’s on repeat at our home.



The Sochi Olympics were so much fun to watch together each evening. This may sound weird but it’s nice to have something planned to look forward to each evening when we come home from work. We do try to have a weekly date night and to hang out with friends on the weekends but as an infertile couple, there are times that the evenings feel so long. And alone. So the Olympics were a rallying point for the evening and something to look forward to each day.


We’ve started having conversations about beginning the adoption process!!! This makes my heart so unbelievably excited, which I truly see as confirmation from above. We are uncertain as to the timing…this Spring? Summer? Next Fall? One year from now? We are weighing this decision among other large choices like buying a home and possible job changes. Even though this subject is SUPER exciting and life-giving to me it’s also invoking some fears. I want to make sure we follow God’s will and timing in the midst of all these big decisions. Nonetheless, just the conversations about possibly adopting bring me joy.



Have you ever drank a carbonated, flavored Dasani? We are obsessed with these and have been buying them in bulk at Costco. We may or may not have 50 cans in our refrigerator. I think they are awesome because they have the carbonation/fizziness I crave sometimes without any sugar or even fake sugar. Win!



I found a pair of Cole Haan black ballet flats at our local thrift store. If I bought them on Amazon they would have cost $147.50…but I didn’t pay anywhere close to that. I paid a whopping $14.95 for these designer shoes and they honestly look like they had NEVER been worn. Boom baby!


OK this is more like a BIG happy – I was chosen to be the Adopt-A-Blogger to receive prayer this month over at This Cross I Embrace! A whole month of prayers/sacrifices from others as we fight the good fight with infertility. I couldn’t be more humbled, grateful, and honored. Jonathan and I literally just began a 54-day rosary novena about our infertility and begging for clarity in where God wants us to go. The timing of everyone else’s prayers during the month of March is impeccable.

That’s a wrap up for my Little Happies this time around! What have your Little Happies been lately?

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  • Reply Stephanie March 3, 2014 at 12:15 pm

    Yayyy!!! This is great. 😀 I was so happy to see your post linked up with my Little Happies post this morning. It worked!! Thank you again for being so supportive in this!

    Also, so so sosososososo excited that you’re the adopted blogger of the month. If Infertile Minnesota and myself are any indication of what this month of prayer can do for your life, well… get ready for an exciting ride! I’ll be praying for you two like crazy.

    Just listened to that song you recommended. It’s so cute! I love how upbeat and happy it sounds. If you like their sounds, you may also like the Civil Wars. Their music is a little slower, but beautiful, with similar instrumentation and harmonies. I’m guessing you may have already heard of them, though.

    You’ve inspired me to try to Dasani carbonated water. And to see The Lego Movie!

    And who doesn’t love cheap, awesome shoes?!?

    Finally, yay for adoption discussion! So excited to see where it takes you.

  • Reply Amanda March 3, 2014 at 9:26 pm

    Stephanie, I am glad you likes the song! And I totally love the Civil Wars! They really do remind me of one another!! I am also glad you want to start drinking Dasani and want to see the Lego movie! My sister in law got me hooked on the flavored carbonated beverages with no added/fake sweeteners. You will love the Lego movie…it’s just hilarious. And the theme song is great!

  • Reply Ecce Fiat March 4, 2014 at 5:13 am

    Great little happies! I know – isn’t it such a good idea??

    You’ve officially made us want to see the Lego movie. (My husband already wanted to go!) We may or may not take the two little Lego-obsessed boys who live upstairs…

    We loved the Olympics too! Is it just me, or have they added a lot of events? We liked watching Ski cross and Snowboard cross (where they race down the hill over obstacles) but I don’t remember those as a kid.

    So excited to pray for you during March!!! May this month be full of graces!

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