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Little Happies: All About Jack Bauer

May 12, 2014

This week’s Little Happies is officially brought to you by the best show ever…


 Jack is officially BACK!!! As of this past Monday, a brand-new season of 24 began. Jonathan and I have watched all 8 seasons prior to this, so we were more than a little bit excited.

Below is how we rang in the event:

jack cheese wrapersIn honor of Jack Bauer, we bought three jack cheeses – pepper, monterey, and colby.

cheese trayThis, paired with crackers, was dinner. Yup, all we ate was cheese and crackers and I am not one bit ashamed. We sat down in the living room and watched highlight videos from every other 24 season to pump ourselves up for the viewing. It was a lot of fun remembering old episodes and all the great characters. The season premiere finally came on and it was AWESOME. I was afraid it would disappoint, since it’s been so long since the last season. Nope – still the same ole 24 and Jack Bauer.

Without further ado, I present you with some of our Little Happies from the show 24:


chloe-jackJack and Chloe. Perhaps the most dynamic duo in television history. Whenever Jack is in a pinch and needs anything, somehow Chloe can pull it off instantly…usually by decrypting, hacking into, or analyzing databases.


david palmer

President David Palmer. If he were alive and running for President of the USA, he’d likely have my vote. Best Jack and President Palmer interaction? Season 4, when Jack had to fake his own death to prevent the Chinese from taking him into custody…

David Palmer: This is probably the last time we’ll ever speak. Jack, you do understand – when you hang up, for all intents and purposes, Jack Bauer is dead.
Jack Bauer: I understand that, sir. Mr. President, it’s been an honor.
David Palmer: Same for me my friend. 


cordelia virusSeason 3 and the Cordelia Virus.

This reason I remember and love this season so much was that it was perfectly timed with another virus I am sure you’ve heard of – Swine Flu. The very weekend that a friend lent me Season 3 of 24 is the same weekend that I came down with the Swine Flu. All my roommates were out of town. I sat in bed with a bag of Tostitos and a box of Alka-Selzter cold & flu pills while watching the entire season in a span of three days.

Let’s just say the Cordelia Virus I was seeing attack people made my 104 degree fever seem like nothing. I did have occasional panic attacks that my Swine Flu was turning into this made up (or perhaps real?!?) Cordelia Virus. Discerning reality with a fever is hard work.


kim bauerMost annoying character in all of 24: Kim Bauer – Jack’s daughter.

You wouldn’t have many reasons to believe she is actually related to Jack based on her lack of decision-making ability. Many seasons involve Kim making the worst decisions possible – like getting kidnapped, driving a car off a cliff, and nearly getting eaten by a mountain lion.

But as annoying as she is…her character provides some much needed comedic relief in a show that could cause a heart-attack due to sheer stress.



The villains of 24! Every season there are numerous bad guys that Jack Bauer hunts down. Every now and again there would be a villain who carried through multiple seasons like those above. Of course – these villains were introduced as the good guys but their malice was discovered over time, usually by Jack.


jack meme

Last but certainly not least – Jack Bauer himself. Jonathan and I declared a few years ago that Jack has a lot of natural virtue. Yup, Jack needs to meet Jesus and he needs some lessons on how the ends don’t justify the means. But for what he does know…he’s incredibly sacrificial and always willing to put himself in danger to protect and save others, even when they don’t ask or even want his help.

We leave this Little Happies post with a montage of the best Jack Bauer “Where is ______?” moments in 24 history:




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  • Reply Stephanie May 12, 2014 at 7:21 pm

    You’re cracking me up. I guess you guys must REALLY like this show. Especially to eat ALL THAT CHEESE!!!!

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