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Lent is here!

February 13, 2013


[For the much better post relating all the exciting things Jonathan is working on for Lent with FOCUS this year (including an updated infographic, please see this post.]


Lent is a time for deepening conversion within our hearts. It’s a time we are reminded of what’s most important in this life. Some people choose to give up something, add something, or a combination of both.

I am proud of Jonathan for designing the chart below! Yes, it reminds us of some of the Lenten “rules” but please don’t see them as strictly rules, but as a means to grow in your relationship with Christ. They are designed to help us be intentional about our conversion, to create space in our hearts for the Lord. Let Him transform you this Lenten season. For more information on entering into Lent, check out this blog. 

[edit: info graphic has been updated to the new 2014 version.]


Check out the rest of Lentsanity at focus.org/lentsanity.

Download the Lentsanity app by searching for Lentsanity in your app store, or visiting focus.org/lentsanityapp from your smartphone.

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