May 31, 2016

Thank you to everyone who read and shared our latest blog post!

It was shocking to me to see just how many people care about our family. Last time I looked at it, our post had been shared over 50 times on Facebook alone. Incredibly humbling to say the least.

Last time we adopted we connected with a birth family the very same day we blogged about it.

This time? No match yet but we’re still hopeful and praying.

I didn’t think the same exact situation would happen again because no two adoption stories are ever the same! Our second adoption might take a bit longer than last time…or even a quite a while longer than last time.

However, I know that God will bring the right situation at the right moment.

The exciting thing is we do have a few possible leads! Now, before you get too excited, leads are by no means a match. A lot and I mean a LOT of steps come between a lead and an adoption placement.

Most were loose connections to potential situations and another was very specific but wayyyyyyy out of our price range. We’re trying to privately match to keep costs low, and we trust God will bring us a situation that matches with that desire.

This week we plan to follow up with each potential situation mentioned to us and see where the Lord takes things from there.

Jesus might ask us to reconsider our desire to keep it low-cost.…or whatever other preferences we have. But he might not. We believe these desires were placed within us to lead us to the right place for the right moment and unless he nudges us to change…we will remain steady on the course.

Please keep praying and looking for situations and let us know if anything comes up! We’re so grateful to have you all behind us, cheering us on in this journey. The goodness of others is the one thing that stood out to us last time we adopted and hands down I am already seeing that goodness overwhelm us once again.

Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts.

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