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May 27, 2016

Recently I posted about how insanely hectic life has been – how we’re in the process of launching an online business, doing lots of lifestyle changes, periodically helping launch the FOCUS Summer Project in Estes Park, CO and gearing up for two surgeries in June.

Naturally, God would choose this moment to prompt us to begin the search for #BabyTex2 since he’s funny like that.

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Many of you remember that this very blog was how Miss Josie Rosie came into our family.


We posted an adoption photo of our family and asked for your help in finding a match. Many of you touched us deeply, by sharing that photo and our blog. We had over 7,000 views that day here at True Good & Beautiful and within twelve hours, we had made initial contact with the beautiful Momma who was choosing life for her baby and wanted to make an adoption plan with us.

Um, who puts a photo up on Facebook saying they hope to adopt and find a match by the end of the day? No one. 

Only God could have orchestrated that. He humbled us (and many of you!) as he showed just how in control he truly is.

There are times since then where I experience sadness about our ongoing infertility (which is normal and to be expected!) but when I sit down and reflect on who God is and how firmly I know he wills good for our family…my attitude shifts. He will grow our family if he desires. We need to simply be open to life in the ways he asks of us.

Currently, we are undergoing infertility treatments under the care of the Pope Paul VI Institute in Omaha, NE. We are making some progress, especially since making significant lifestyle changes to sleep and diet. I have a surgery scheduled in June 9 and June 20, so we’ll have to reassess trying to conceive after what those reveal.

We mentioned discerning embryo adoption a few months back and while we are still discerning that option, it’s just not our next step. We will write more on how we’re discerning that at a later point. Foster to adopt is also something we’re discerning but again, not our next step.

That brings us back to a designated domestic adoption.

By specifying designated, we mean connecting with a birth family privately instead of being matched through an agency or a consultant – both of which add significant costs to the already hefty adoption process price tag.

Miss JoRo is 18 months old and we’ve hoped for another baby for about a while now. Seeing her with other children is such a joy to us and we want to give her the gift of a sibling(s) in our home she can grow up beside. But we’ve essentially had zero control over providing a sibling…because infertility. We also had no extra money (hello tranny blow-up and emergency vet bills) to start another home study.

The options to grow our family were on hold.

At the beginning of 2016 we felt like the time was right to be more active in our openness to life. Again, we don’t know if that openness will take years or months and only God knows through which avenue (bio or adoption). When infertility and adoption are involved, there is really no way to predict when one’s family might grow next.

We’ve been talking about wanting to do another designated adoption and even had a couple situations to discern that came up randomly. Those leads went cold quickly and in the past couple of weeks we’ve felt that same draw to invite others to help us once again. To admit we can’t grow our family in a vacuum. To humbly trust that God will use our public vulnerability to work in the lives of others while he grows our little family.

So here we are. Asking for your help. 

How can YOU help?

  • Share the image below or this blog post on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Periscope, etc.) Help us get the word out that we desire to adopt again and are looking to connect with a family hoping to make an adoption plan for their current pregnancy.

“Hey everyone! I know of an incredible family looking to grow their family through adoption. If you or anyone you know is looking for an adoptive family, let me know.”


  • Ask around about any adoption situations, particularly if you know anyone who works in Emergency Pregnancy Services, Labor & Delivery, OBGYN office, High School and Collegiate environments, Facebook groups you’re part of (A pregnancy-related FB group is how we found Josie’s Birth Mama!), your church, or anywhere else you feel led.
  • Pray. Join us in praying that God would add to our family according to His will.

Thank you in advance for all of you who will help us spread the word.

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  • Reply Abigail Bidelspach May 27, 2016 at 9:49 pm

    Check with Alpha Center in Fort Collins. It’s a crisis pregnancy mission we support.

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