Growing Our Family Piece By Piece: Day Eight Update

October 1, 2016

Welcome back to our puzzle fundraiser!

This is the LAST OFFICIAL DAY of our nine-day puzzle fundraiser. Now, of course if you want to give but couldn’t during this last week, donating later is acceptable too! 🙂

You will see we have a long way to go in meeting our goal. This week alone we cut checks totally $13,800 for the adoption process, which is a lot more than we raised and left our emergency fund raided. We were happy and willing to do that, as would any family in America when unexpected but necessary expenses come up, but we are now exposed to a great deal of risk if any other emergencies pop up. Here’s to praying that Murphy’s Law stays far far away.

If you’ve been wanting to donate but just haven’t gotten to it, please consider doing so today. After this nine-day fundraiser, we don’t plan to come back to our social media family to formally invite you to give again. We plan to begin making individual and specific asks to find the rest of the funds.

The Lord will provide and find the funds for us someway or another, granted we are working our little hineys off asking, seeking, and knocking on every door possible.

Anyone who’s been waffling about giving and leaning towards making a donation – let today be your day so we can close out the formal portion of the adoption puzzle with a bang!

Thank you to everyone who’s donated. We are so thankful and can’t wait to start writing your names on the back of the puzzle. May God bless each of you.

What kind of progress did day eight see?

  • 294 pieces sold

  • $7,350 raised!!!!

  • 19.60% of our goal of $37,500

Here’s a virtual picture of the puzzle’s progress:


If you would like to donate, please do so below. If you know of anyone who has a heart for adoption, please share our story and invite them to consider joining the journey.

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