Domestic Attempts

February 16, 2012

So over the past two months I have begun to sharpen my domestic nature. Now, don’t fret over that word ladies…the word “domestic” shouldn’t cause a shrilling reaction in women as I have found it to in recent years. My FOCUS teammates and I attempted to host a woman’s night a few years back called, “Reclaiming the Domestic Nature of Women.” We were trying to be clever, witty, and funny with our title about an event in which we planned to make a simple craft – headbands with some fabric. Nothing too hostile or enslaving to women, just some cute headbands. We were swiftly corrected upon our use of the word “domestic” and our attempts to put women back in the “Dark Ages” without any rights with such an event title. We still made the headbands and it was really fun. No one was oppressed or forced to spin their own cotton fabric or anything, I promise. So, this blog post will not be about whatever people associate negatively with the word, “domestic.” Let your guard down and enjoy some of the simple ways I have been growing in domestic skills 🙂

So upon getting married, I realized something disturbing…I only know 2 or 3 recipes total and I don’t think scrambled eggs or mac n cheese even count! My mom always cooked growing up, then I lived in a college dorm and sorority on campus, during my 5th year of college I had an amazing roommate who continuously cooked and shared her delicious meals with me, then I became a missionary at U of Illinois and I got mostly free meals at the Newman Center cafeteria on campus. Don’t get me wrong, I could prepare a mean sandwich and salad but when it came to a hot meal…I was up a creek without a paddle. I could fake being a good cook when I had to and follow a recipe I looked up online but it usually never turned out or something crazy would happen, like quadrupling the salt called for and ruin the dish. Needless to say, I’ve had a learning curve in the kitchen.

I am proud to say I have learned a great deal and dishes have been turning out wonderfully! There have been a few mess-ups along the way (egg shell accidentally getting ground up into the entire batch of cookie dough – don’t worry I picked MOST of the shell out I could find) but I am learning how to cook for real! I am enjoying the process of learning about the science behind food, various flavors, cooking techniques, and how to use a recipe and even spice it up a bit! Maybe someday I won’t even need the printed recipe in front of me 🙂 There have been several successes not pictured, but below are pics from a few victories I’ve had since October –

Delicious cookies!

Found this cute recipe on pintrest!

Thai chicken pizza! YUM. Even the crust is from scrath. Boo-ya!

My own Cappuccino recipe


Got this stuffed cabbage recipe from a very good Polish friend 🙂


Mexican Stuffed Shells

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