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3 Reasons We Cloth Diaper

December 12, 2014

I just want to get it out on the table from the get go:

Diapering is NOT a moral issue. I am not participating in any mommy wars and if you are a reader who has chosen disposables, I am still your friend and ally 🙂

Now that the white elephant if out of the room, let’s dive into the world of cloth diapering…

When we found out we would be adopting a baby this summer, that is when the research began. I started reading blogs and articles about cloth diapers. I asked friends about them. I joined Facebook chat groups about cloth diapering and stalked the posts for all the good, bad, and ugly. I even went to a few stores to try play with some in real life.

At the end of the day, I decided that cloth diapering was worth a try for our family. Below are the 3 reasons we pursued the cloth route:

1. Show Me the Money!

money pic

Let’s be honest – this was my number one reason by FAR for choosing to cloth diaper. I didn’t want to budget for diapers and wipes on a monthly basis. I wanted an up front cost for a product that would pay for itself over and over again.

You can Google “cost savings of cloth diapering” and find dozens and dozens of bloggers who have broken down and analyzed cloth vs disposable diapers. The savings are very real and very significant.

Like thousands of dollars.

Especially if you buy your cloth diaper stash gently used (like I did), don’t have to pay water laundry bills (because our HOA pays for water), and even make your own cloth wipes and diaper liners (that cost less than $5 at Joanne Fabrics).

Lots of savings bundled into these little fluffy dipes.

2. That Cute Factor Tho…


Cloth diapers are just DANG CUTE!

I admit they are somewhat addicting because they are so cute. I love seeing Josie’s little fluffy bum with it’s adorable prints that change throughout the day. I am genuinely excited for the next diaper change (sort of, lol) due to how jazzed I am to use the next cloth diaper color or pattern.

3. Keeping Things Natural & Sustainable


I am growing in my desire and to be a good steward of the earth and it’s natural resources. I recycle about half the things I should…which is not great but way better than it used to be.

I see cloth diapers as a way for our family to make an effort to keep trash and waste down and to take care of our earth in a small way. We literally have no cloth diaper trash. I wash everything. It’s 100% recyclable and I really enjoy that.

I also like how my daughter is not exposed to chemicals in her cloth diapers. Sure, I have put disposables on her in the early days and I am not opposed to them. But long term I like that we don’t have to worry about chemical burns from disposable diapers.

And those are my main reasons for choosing cloth. Once we settled on that decision, it was on to research which kind of cloth diaper system we would choose, which is an entirely different post. I will share those details later! 🙂

Thus far we are really happy with our cloth diapers and the potential drawbacks like laundry and poop honestly haven’t been bad. The laundry is manageable and I only have to wash dipes every 48-72 hours. And the poop? I touch as much of it as I would if she was in disposables so to me there is no difference.

As we continue the cloth diapering journey, I am sure I will hit different phases but for now we are really content with our choice. If anyone has questions, hit me up in the comments below!