Building Our Family Piece by Piece: Day Six

August 19, 2014

Six days down.

Three more to go until the day we hope to meet our funding goal of nearly $13,000 for the home study completion and out-of-state agency fee.

On Monday things slowed down significantly on the puzzle fundraiser…which we sort of anticipated right as we are about to enter the home stretch!

If I am being totally honest, I am feeling incredibly vulnerable.

I know God will provide for our family if this is his will. But through this fundraiser I’ve been reflecting on the fact that due to medical issues, we won’t bring a biological baby home without help. We need God, doctors, treatments, etc. to even have a CHANCE at that. Same thing with adoption…we can’t even do that alone either. God told us not to. We need him and you.

In our culture today, to need to rely on others is a humbling thing. Real humbling. But we’ve fundraised our income for over 7 years, so haven’t I gotten over the humility? Sure, in some ways. But this is different. The ability for me to become a mother or Jonathan a father lies in God and your hands…not our own. That’s an entirely new level of inviting others to help. It can be embarrassing.

But I choose to stand in the fact that God invited us to take a leap of faith….

To ask others to join us as we walk through the adoption process. To give others a concrete way to say YES to life by supporting a birth family who CHOSE adoption instead of abortion. To give others a concrete way to say YES to life by supporting a couple who CHOSE adoption instead of artificial reproduction.

Vulnerably we stand. A week into our puzzle fundraiser. Dependent on the heroic generosity of others and the Lord. Trusting his plans will exceed our own.

That’s a deep reflection, I know, but I felt like it just needed to be shared to truly bring you all into this experience. I don’t think ours is a story often told and we want to allow others to take a peak into the beauty of adoption.

Back to the puzzle 🙂

Although it was a slow day, here is the progress we saw Monday:

On day six we sold a total of 13 puzzle pieces, totaling $325!! Progress is progress so we are happy!

Total overall stats thus far are as follows:

  • 395 pieces sold

  • $9,875 raised

  • 75% of current goal of $13,000

  • 39% of original goal of $25,000

Here’s a picture of the puzzle progress:


Now it’s the “L” and “D” you can see forming!

Please help us bring this fundraiser home and reach our goal by Friday! May God bless everyone who’s walking alongside us in this journey.

Thank you again for all who are joining Team Baby Teixeira! :)

Keep coming back each day for new progress updates!

Click here to learn more about the puzzle fundraiser!

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