3 Ways to Bless #BabyTex

December 1, 2014

I hope you all had a very Happy Thanksgiving!

We are INCREDIBLY grateful for the gift of Josephine Rose to our family this year and for EVERYONE who’s been part of this story.

We wanted to wrap up our adoption journey with a final post on how YOU can bless Miss Josie as she enters our family.

Her adoption is something that has moved, inspired, and touched many of you. We weren’t alone in this ride…we were accompanied by so many of you every step of the way who are as thankful as we are for her arrival.

You cheered us on.

You spoke encouragement to us.

You blessed us immensely.

Now we want to give you 3 final ways you can bless #BabyTex as she settles into our home.

1. Pray

Please join us in prayer for Josie – that she would grow up to be a disciple of Christ and a radiant and bright light in our world and for all eternity.

If you wish to say a formal prayer, here is a novena to the Holy Spirit you can pray for her.

You can let us know if you prayed for her specifically and we will record it so later on she can know how many others have prayed for her life.

2. Write to us

Josie’s story really touched and impacted many of you…and some have reached out to tell us exactly how her life and this adoption journey has affected you.

If you haven’t told us yet how much this journey has meant to you or inspired you, let us know, so we can share those stories with Josie as she grows up.

3. Donate

We just got the final bills in the mail from the adoption agencies….to the tune of several thousand dollars just as we had estimated.

This third and final way of blessing Baby Tex is by participating in our Adoption Puzzle fundraiser so we can write your name on the back of the puzzle and show Josie that YOU played a significant role in bringing her home. The puzzle is 79% complete…so really close to being complete!

Though no the most important, this is the most practical and tangible of ways to express your thanks. It alleviates the financial pressure that adoption can be on our family and we couldn’t be more thankful to have your participation in this way.

We literally can’t wait for the day when we get to show Josie the back of this puzzle…with all the names of individuals and families who cared so much about her they wanted to bring her home. That will be a cool day indeed.

Thank you all again for joining our journey!

Have a wonderful week and thanks for taking the time to bless Josie!

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