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Little Happies: Starting the Adoption Process!

March 31, 2014


It’s time for some Little Happies again!

This week is NOT brought to you by basketball…as my March Madness bracket went from good to abysmal with all the upsets! Fun and painful to watch.

To be quite honest, I am glad I am committed to these Little Happies now, as this past week was rough. I found out that yet again, I did not ovulate. Mentally thinking about the fact that this was failure cycle #28 of trying to conceive was also incredibly tough…that’s starting to sound like a lot, right? Then I broke out in fevers, coughs, chills, and congestion for three days. Thank goodness for modern cold & flu meds and youtube/netflix/kleenex.

Really needed these Little Happies to ward off the melancholic within after all those chances to self-pity! Without further ado, here are some small things going on in our world that made me happy this past week:



The Annunciation!

Let’s be honest, not only do I love this feast day, but I really LOVE that we get the day off work! And this was before I got sick, so I actually enjoyed the day off.




I read the trilogy in one week flat a few months ago. The movie, although there were some plot changes, did a great job capturing overall the Divergent world. I was very happy we went!

Also – we got the tickets in advance from Costso – saving us over $5 off had we bought them at the theater. Another happy in itself.


hibachi grill

We basically forgot to go on date’s this month. Bummer. But the great part? We had a month’s worth of date night money sitting in the budget waiting to be taken advantage of! YEA!

So we went to Hibachi Grill!

It’s one of those fun places that thrills and grills right in from of your table! That whole giant flame thing never gets old. Or the onion choo-choo train.

What made this an extra -special happy was the fact that they were SUPER gluten-free conscious. If you didn’t know, soy sauce’s second ingredient is wheat. Crazy, right? Well, they made sure we had the gluten-free sauce and even cooked some of the group’s meals with that sauce so we could all enjoy the food but it wouldn’t contaminate me. We thanked the server profusely, as this is truly rare…especially since they didn’t charge me extra. He then said that to buy 5 gallons of gluten-free soy sauce, it cost them $180 but to buy the regular 5 gallon soy sauce, it cost $40. The fact they don’t put that extra cost on the customer made me so grateful.


adoption paper work

Stephanie, we stole your idea and your photo.

We finished our adoption application in disguise as a coffee-date! This is obviously not the hard part. Not even close. But we’ve got it done! All we have to do is print and mail it off to the agency! God-willing they think we are good applicants, we will begin the homestudy process. This is getting real, folks.



Since we are big kids and on our own, we decided to eat what we felt like for dinner – beer and wings. Not a single vegetable or fruit. We had caramel ice cream for desert. Sunday’s are the best!


man born blind

This reading from Sunday’s gospel:

“His disciples asked him, “Rabbi, who sinned, this man or his parents, that he was born blind?” Jesus answered, “Neither he nor his parents sinned; it is so that the works of God might be made visible through him.” John 9:1-2

Many times I get twisted up in my brain thinking about what I did wrong to make God so mad he would punish me with infertility. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. I know. But it’s a real temptation.

This verse hit me like a brick today.

At first I thought, if I am the blind guy, I am ticked. All this blindness so you could teach everyone a lesson? So you could do a demonstration and prove a point? Sucks to be me!

But then I thought that the blindness (and our own sufferings) are not caused by God. They are a result of a fallen world. Jesus came to redeem them. God’s works can be made visible in my life precisely because a part of me is broken. Understanding it from that angle made infertility feel like a privilege. (never have I ever said that…and I may never again) 😉

Sexually active, non-contracepting women with healthy fertility have…children – which are absolutely a work of God. But conception for someone with no big issues is the natural result of God’s grace working in union with man/woman’s nature. It’s the norm. It wouldn’t leave people confused or rioting, like Jesus’ cure of the blindman – something contrary to nature.

However our story unfolds, whether through adoption or biological children, foster care or something else…our lives are available for the works of God to be made visible. I hope the story is so good it leaves even us, maybe the world, confused and in shock/awe. I can’t say how it will shake out but I do know Jesus has a spot in his heart for those whose bodies are broken. I pray we can just stay open to his grace so he can work in our lives however and whenever he wishes.


Calling All College Students: YNAB is FREE!

March 25, 2014

Ummm this is HUGE!

Many of you have heard us rave about YNAB in the past. It’s our go-to budgeting software that stays in sync via the cloud between our computers/phones. It makes budgeting and sticking to the budget a piece of cake.

If you need convincing about the vital need you have for a budget – read this post.

Long story short – if you handle any money at all, you need a budget.


What’s amazing is that just today, YNAB has made their software FREEEEEE for college students!

So, click on over there, get your software, take some of their classes on how to use the program, and begin budgeting!!!!

You’ll thank us later in life. Trust me.

For those of you who are NOT college students reading this…sorry there are no fun freebies for you. The best deal we can get you is a $6.00 off coupon on your YNAB purchase.

We firmly believe in this software and believe it’s better than almost anything else out there (paid or free) in the App Store,, etc. If you want reasons why, just ask!

Happy Budgeting!


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Starting Synthroid and LUF Update

March 24, 2014

 New Rx Update

Well, my cocktail of medications just increased.

I had a long over-due (my fault it wasn’t done months ago) thyroid panel done a couple weeks ago.

My body seems to have a unique gifting to consistently do the wrong things when it comes to all things endocrine elated. Cue a new-found hypothyroidism.

I begin taking 50mcg of Synthroid daily this week in addition to the T3 15mcg twice per day.

Here’s to hoping this will help get this ole bag of bones on track to a healthier place!

I’ve figured this med was a long time coming since I regularly battle extreme fatigue, chronic constipation, cold intolerance, brittle nails, thin hair, low energy, etc. These have gotten slightly better over the years but are nowhere close to being gone. Maybe synthroid will improve not only my ovarian dysfunction but some of these hypo symptoms I experience.

Who’s on this med currently? Who’s thinking about getting on this med? Who’s been on this med? Has it helped your overall function in daily life? Improved ovulation issues? Give me the deets.

LUF Update

For those who prayed with us over the weekend as I took the HCG Trigger shot to induce ovulation – I went in for an ultra sound today to see what my ovary decided to do. TWO Big Fat LUFS! That means I have two follicles that never ruptured but only got bigger. Yes, they are painful. Hopefully progesterone will shrink them.

With the LUFS, and the need for synthroid, I am feeling a bit down but trying to stay positive. I mean, there were two mature follicles. That means if all went well, there could have been a possibility of twins! Even though not likely, it’s still the fact there was a chance and my body blew it, again.

I just don’t get how I could be perfectly healthy in every respect but then in ALL areas tied to fertility, my body is a walking nightmare. I fear that we will be on an endless cycle of bad news until we just decide enough is enough and stop all medical intervention in TTC.

Some days I look forward to that time…no more meds or tests or surgeries or pressure. Ahhhh, relief. But we aren’t quite there. I haven’t given this a long enough shot and I know it. For now, I move forward, trusting that at some point we will get some good news OR God will finally call us to stop the rigmarole and we can move on in peace.

Infertility, Marriage

Little Happies: All About Basketball

March 24, 2014

This week’s Little Happies link up is brought to you by the sport of Basketball!



Nuggets vs. Clippers on Monday March 17th, 2014 – yes it was St. Patrick’s Day!

The Clippers current record is 49 W and 21 L meaning that 70% of the time they are a winning team. The Nuggets however haven’t had their best season…32 W and 38 L meaning about 45% of the time they are a winning team.

We got our overly salted tub of popcorn and found our seats in the nosebleed section (which we low-balled on for $10 tickets). We had no idea what to expect, with Denver coming off a losing-streak…

BUT this was one HECK of a game folks! The Nuggets battled hard all game long and finally pulled ahead for the win in the last few minutes. Final score: Denver 110 and Clippers 100. We talked about this game for at least three days, it was that good!


bracket ncaa mm

March Madness!! Above is a photo of my bracket (which has basically been torn to shreds at this stage).

HOLY CANOLI has this tournament been a wild one!

Anyone else out there who made a bracket (which is now also probably shot) is well aware of how bizarre/exciting these games have been. I can’t count how many games have come down to the buzzer or even OT. And the amount of upsets? Historically there have been no more than seven throughout a NCAA tournament. This year already? Nearly a dozen with more in store.


Breaking from basketball for a quick second…


I sold more stuff on eBay!!

Remember those Cole Haan shoes I bought a few weeks back? Well they were size 7.5 and I am size 8.5…and was in denial about them fitting me. After an entire day of wearing them and two fat blisters later, I sold them. I also sold an old North Face vest that didn’t fit. Why do I buy things that don’t fit?

In one week I made $129.99…not bad for items I was going to donate anyway!


Back to basketball.

wizards game

On Saturday evening, while we were sitting around (and sick) watching March Madness, a friend we work with emailed out FREE tickets to the Denver Nuggets vs Washington Wizards for Sunday March 23, 2014 (as in yesterday) to whoever wanted them.

Well, we’ve been on a huge basketball kick anyway, so why not go?!?!

Little did we know…

  • The tickets came with a parking pass at the Pepsi Center – the Teixeiras usually opt for a garage a mile away for under $3 and hoof it from there.
  • The tickets were in the FOURTH row!!!! As in the VIP section. WHAT?!?! We had to squint to find our typical nosebleed seats in the upper balcony!

Again, the game did not disappoint. Jonathan caught a t-shirt from a parachute. We got our usual tub of salt with some popcorn kernels and we even splurged on splitting a small soda. I know, pretty wild huh?

The Nuggets won the game by a mere two points after a neck-neck battle. Final score? Nuggets 105 and Wizards 102.

Of course. That’s the story of basketball this week anyhow.


Stations of the Cross.


On Friday night, we went to our parish’s Stations of the Cross.

I wouldn’t say that meditating on Jesus’ passion, suffering, and death made me happy. BUT something really stood out to me that made me extremely happy. It was during the fifth station – Simon of Cyrene helps Jesus to carry his cross.

I’m not sure what grabbed my attention first but suddenly I became very aware that Simon wasn’t initially involved. He didn’t choose to help carry the cross. It was chosen for him. And that experience changed him forever.

I didn’t choose infertility. I wanted nothing to do with this. It was chosen for me in ways I likely can’t understand this side of heaven. But every time I look towards Jesus as we carry this cross together – I am changed. I hurt. I ache. At times I rage. But at the end of the day I know I am being changed for the better. I am being made holy despite my best efforts to resist grace. He’s transforming me just as he transformed Simon. Then this thought came:

The crosses that sanctify us the most are those that we don’t choose but Christ chooses for us.

And I experienced one of those fleeting moments of peace…We’ll be alright. God’s will is being done. Joy is still possible. The cross will carry me to heaven, so I can’t be afraid of it anymore.

And that my friends, is a Little Happy wrap!

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Prayers Appreciated!

March 20, 2014

I shared in my Little Happies this past week that I was going to be doing a new treatment to help get my ovaries to ovulate.

New as in nearly experimental-ish.

Well, it turns out my right ovary was a little bit of an eager beaver this round of clomid and on CD 10 its already mature. Typically I don’t “ovulate” on my chart until CD 17-18, so this is unusual. After receiving my U/S results this morning, I got a call from PPVI to not take my new medicine.

Instead, to my surprise, I was told to go ahead and do a 10,000 unit HCG trigger shot (administered by nurse Jonathan). He makes me say “you are the best nurse” every time he gives me shots, since I myself am a RN. He likes to rub it in that he has more nursing experience than I do currently.

Back to HCG – we tried this once before back in November and it didn’t work. It just resulted in an even fatter LUF that month and I hit a new low with infertility. So obviously I am nervous that we will have a repeat LUF…but maybe, just maybe, the trigger will work and I will actually ovulate like a normal woman.

This is where your prayers are appreciated. Please pray for:

  • healthy ovulation (let’s be honest I really want to pray for a healthy pregnancy but this a vital first step my body likes to forget to do!!!)
  • my sanity
  • the ability to forgive my body if it creates another LUF
  • my mood – I get a bit crazed on HCG

A rosary, spontaneous prayers, a chaplet, candle lighting, shouts, whispers, groans, novenas – however you desire to join us in prayer, it’s very much appreciated.

Infertility, Marriage

Little Happies: Vegas Adventures

March 17, 2014

This week, I have many Little Happies I’m linking up over at Blessed to Be!

Many are from the girl’s trip I took with a dear friend to Las Vegas, NV this past Wednesday-Saturday! This was my first “girl’s trip” and it hopefully won’t be the last. It was awesome to get away with a gal pal for some fun, adventure, prayer, and conversation. I think we may have talked for three days straight, minus when we paused to sleep. It was great.



Catching Fire came available to rent on Amazon this past week! WOOHOO! We use this new thing called HitBliss to watch commercials and receive credit to rent music, tv shows, or movies on Amazon. So not only did we watch Catching Fire for the 3rd time, we watched it for FREE! 🙂 The Teixeiras love free.



The Bellagio Fountains.

The musical choice was one of my all-time favorites:

I could listen to Andrea Bocelli for days on end.

Standing there made us feel like we were in Ocean’s Eleven, which is another Little Happy in and of itself! 🙂


gold strike canyonGold Strike Canyon.

There were repel ropes. There were striking views. There were crystal-clear hot-spring pools to swim in. There were sore muscles. All in all, a really great 4-5 hour hiking experience!

I had actually done this grueling bear of a hike about a year ago…so I thought I would really “show” Andrea some real adventure in the back country. Somehow Andrea had to lead us down all the scary repel ropes because I kept freaking out. I am still not as courageous as my soul desires to be.


wheel of fortuneWheel of Fortune: Special Edition

This is my gambling machine of choice. Last year, I put $1 into the machine, played for a few minutes and cashed out over $40.

It took us forever and a day to find this bad boy in Vegas but eventually on the very last night, we found one! Unfortunately I had lost my $20 gambling money by that point…so it was up to Andrea to take home the big win to redeem me! She was on a very hot streak of beginner’s luck, so I knew it was going to go well! Lo and behold, she put in a $20 and a few minutes later she cashed out with $35. A small win but nonetheless a win!


hoover dam

Hoover Dam.

Wow. Wow. Wow. The views were breath-taking and terrifying. I found myself in awe that this was built during the Great Depression times. It was a delightful experience minus thinking I was going to be pushed over the ledge at any second. I tend to be unnecessarily paranoid around heights.


in-n-out-burger-logoHave you been there? If so, you KNOW why this deserves to be part of Little Happies.

If not, go the next time you are out West and it will be one of your Little Happies too! For us gluten-free peeps, they make a mean lettuce wrapped burger!


pizza vegas

I may be going on a food kick here.

The above pizza was made (without extra charge) on a gluten-free crust at Project Pie. They let me build it, kind of like building a burrito at Chipotle. Yes, that is prosciutto on the pizza among many other delicious ingredients.



Definitely a food kick now.

Since I’ve been OOT and Jonathan didn’t shop while I was gone (he ate pizza and ice cream for three days) we decided to hit up a new place we’ve heard about for Sunday Brunch. Yes, those are gluten-free buttermilk pancakes. If you didn’t know they were gluten-free you would NEVER suspect it. Even better! I am very happy to have a brunch place again that gluten can’t steal from me.


ATK cookbook

This cookbook came in the mail the day I left town. I got to spend a few minutes browsing it and I already like what I am seeing. We are huge fans of America’s Test Kitchen and the way they experiment, test, and scientifically explain every recipe until they find the best one. I am pumped to dive into baking and cooking with this new kitchen companion.


Last but not least – I had my latest cycle review with the PPVI about our infertility. Based on last p+7 blood draw my progesterone level was 6.3 and estrogen was 12.5 which is not good. Still waiting for Thyroid Panel results.The little happy in the midst of the cycle review was that the LUF cyst I had from last cycle dissolved (thanks to nurse Jonathan giving me progesterone injections) allowing me to try another round of clomid this cycle.

Then they offered a new-to-them (like almost experimental new) treatment that is working for a doctor over in Italy to prevent LUFS from forming! A plan to possibly help my body ovulate! I didn’t think there was a cure to this disease at all. I have NO idea how this will all pan out. They even said I don’t have to try it, since it’s really so new. I feel I ought to try anything moral at this point. At the very least I can be a guinea pig for treatment that will hopefully pave way to a cure of LUFS someday for other women. Zero guarantees on if this will work but I am just happy to have something to try. I want to know I “gave it my all.”