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Just When I Thought Things Couldn’t Get Crazier…

September 23, 2016

Remember how we recently updated you on The Summer of 2016 and celebrated that I was still halfway sane?

If you hadn’t caught those, Part 1 and Part 2 are here for your reading pleasure.

In the end of my last post, I explained that I just KNEW the changes weren’t over. I’m a freakishly intuitive person. Whenever Jesus is about to do something big, he gives me this vague pit-in-my-stomach thingamajig as a warning.

I’ve had that feeling since May and it still hadn’t gone away…hence me knowing change was still a comin’ round the mountain....   Read More


The Summer Our Lives Turned Upside Down: Part 2

September 16, 2016

Alright, that cliffhanger was pretty mean.


I’ve gotten a lot of inquiries as to when Part 2 was coming and that made dragging out the suspense more appealing! 🙂 Hopefully I was able to help you grow in patience.

So where did we leave off?

Ah, yes, we returned to Colorado feeling like God was about to shred our entire world. Delightful.

Around this time we felt like we needed to be intentionally praying and a 54-Day Rosary Novena fit the bill. We knew that major stuff was about to go down. A couple intercessory prayer sessions or an Our Father just weren’t going to cut it. We needed the nuclear weapon equivilent prayer and this novena is it. We don’t use it often but when we do…look out is all I’m sayin....   Read More


The Summer Our Lives Turned Upside Down: Part 1

September 9, 2016

When we entered into Summer this past May, I wouldn’t have in a million year been able to guess how differently our lives would be by Summer’s end.

My head is still spinning from the shock wave of change.

If you guessed that I don’t do well with change, you’re right on.

Me and change repel one another. I am one of those weird cool people who could happily eat the same food for years, wear the same two outfits for months on end, and live each and every day strategically pre-planned to the minute. I am a creature of habit who generally opposes new things until I warm up to them....   Read More



May 31, 2016

Thank you to everyone who read and shared our latest blog post!

It was shocking to me to see just how many people care about our family. Last time I looked at it, our post had been shared over 50 times on Facebook alone. Incredibly humbling to say the least.

Last time we adopted we connected with a birth family the very same day we blogged about it.

This time? No match yet but we’re still hopeful and praying.

I didn’t think the same exact situation would happen again because no two adoption stories are ever the same! Our second adoption might take a bit longer than last time…or even a quite a while longer than last time....   Read More


Help Us Find #BabyTex2!

May 27, 2016

Recently I posted about how insanely hectic life has been – how we’re in the process of launching an online business, doing lots of lifestyle changes, periodically helping launch the FOCUS Summer Project in Estes Park, CO and gearing up for two surgeries in June.

Naturally, God would choose this moment to prompt us to begin the search for #BabyTex2 since he’s funny like that.

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