Get to Know Your Missionaries

Jonathan and Amanda Teixeira

Jonathan: May 1
Amanda: July 26

October 22, 2011


Type of Work
Jonathan: Team Director of the FOCUS Digital Campus, Social Media Coordinator for FOCUS Equip
Amanda: National Director of FOCUS Greek

Jonathan: Playing ukulele, boardgames (Catan, Dominion, etc.), disc golf, reading
Amanda: boradgames (Catan especially),

What interests you in FOCUS? Why did you become a missionary?
Jonathan: I saw going to college as my chance to leave the Church. Fortunately, I met a FOCUS missionary and through our friendship he helped me learn how much God loves me and how great a gift our faith is. Totally changed my life. Upon graduation, I wanted to serve the Lord by becoming a missionary and helping other students like myself.

Prayer Intentions
Please pray that we are blessed with children.

Communication Tips
Please feel free to email, call, text, facebook message, or tweet at us anytime. We’d LOVE to hear from you!

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