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We're Jonathan and Amanda Teixeira. We've been married since October 22, 2011 and hoped for kids as soon as God would bless us. Month after month turned into year after year and it felt like our hopes and dreams began to crumble. Even though we've had great medical treatment, nothing seemed to work.

In Spring of 2014 we both felt a great deal of confirmation that it was time to move forward on the adoption process. In November of that year we were blessed with a daughter, Josephine Rose. During the Summer of 2016 we felt the similar nudge to begin the process again, and it looks like Baby Tex #2 is joining our crew in December. 

We are so grateful to God for the gift of children and for the amazing birth families who've entrusted us with the ultimate gift...we are blessed to call you family! Also incredibly grateful for all the generous people out there who are praying for us and making financial sacrifices to help our family grow. You have humbled us beyond measure.

Thank you for your generosity, prayers, and support through this journey!

-Jonathan, Amanda, and Josie

Puzzle Fundraiser Update - 11/2

$13,740 - 36.6% - 550 Pieces

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