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Building Our Family Piece by Piece: Day Five

August 18, 2014

Five days down.

Four more to go until the day we hope to meet our funding goal of nearly $13,000 for the home study completion and out-of-state agency fee.

Again, slow and steady wins the race! We have enough to pay our agency tomorrow evening at our Home Study meeting! Yippee! By Friday we hope to have the full $13,000 raised so we can send off a check to the agency in California. Then we can sit down and figure out what final expenses could look like.

We had more puzzle pieces purchased on Sunday and the progress is below!

On day five we sold a total of 25 puzzle pieces, totaling $625!! 

Total overall stats thus far are as follows:

  • 382 pieces sold

  • $9,550 raised

  • 73% of current goal of $13,000

  • 38% of original goal of $25,000

Here’s a picture of the puzzle progress:


The “D” is almost done!!!

Thank you again for all who are joining Team Baby Teixeira! :)

Keep coming back each day for new progress updates!

Click here to learn more about the puzzle fundraiser!


Building Our Family Piece by Piece: Day Three

August 16, 2014

Three days down.

Seven more to go until the day we hope to meet our funding goal of nearly $13,000 for the home study completion and out-of-state agency fee.

I just want to say how humbled and thankful we are to everyone who’s participated thus far.

New friends. Old friends. Family. Neighbors. People we’ve never even met.

I am truly in awe at the goodness of others. That is saying a LOT since we’ve fundraised our paychecks for seven years now and we know incredibly generous people. The support and positive reactions from others has been amazing and we will have quite the story for our precious little one that I am sure they will want to hear time and time again…the story of how many people loved them before ever meeting face to face.

We had more puzzle pieces purchased on Friday and the progress is below!

On day three we sold a total of 29 puzzle pieces, totaling $725!! 

Total overall stats thus far are as follows:

  • 286 pieces sold

  • $7,150 raised

  • 55% of current goal of $13,000

  • 29% of original goal of $25,000

Here’s a picture of the puzzle progress:


It’s slow and steady progress but day by day we are inching towards our goal!

Thank you again for all who are joining Team Baby Teixeira! 🙂

Keep coming back each day for new progress updates!

Click here to learn more about the puzzle fundraiser!


The Best Secret We’ve Ever Had

August 13, 2014

Howdy friends!

Remember that thing called adoption we are pursuing?

Yup, that thing.

We’ve have an update for y’all since we officially announced we were moving towards adoption back in late June.

This update would have come much sooner had we not been moving, traveling, training a puppy, hosting out of town guests, and attempting to find lost puzzle pieces. Whoops!! 🙂

So, what’s the secret we’ve been keeping?

Pull up a seat and lend me your eyes.

Back in June we announced that after years of battling infertility, we were going down the path towards adoption to grow our family. The outpouring of kindness and enthusiasm from others simply overwhelmed us!

People started sharing the news in hopes of helping us find a birth mother. We were getting messages of support from dozens of people we didn’t even know.

Our blog had 10,000 views in one day alone due to you all sharing the news.

Within 48 hours we had four possible women to talk to about adoption for their baby. That’s like a MILLION considering there were zero to start with.

But, what do you know?

Three of those women never responded or got back to me after initially making contact.


One woman did.

The connection was my faaabulous sister-in-law, Mrs. Cynthia Teixeira. She was in a pregnancy related Facebook group and happened to post our adoption plans asking for help from any women part of the group.

Well, what do you know? One woman in the group had been thinking about adoption for her current pregnancy…and there our blog was staring back at her on Facebook.

Can you say… Divine Providence?

My sister-in-law got us chatting via Facebook and we eventually set up a phone call for a few days later.

This is how we felt emotionally leading up to the call:

We were scared, nervous, and anxious since we had never done this before. I mean, how do you even prepare for a conversation like this? You can’t. So we said a prayer and dialed the phone, hoping we would be our real selves and not awkward versions of ourselves.

Within seconds we knew our qualms were for no good reason at all.

She was one of the sweetest people we have ever spoken to. Jonathan and I talked with her for a little over an hour and the conversation went really well, despite there being some nervous energy on both ends. 🙂

We said our goodbyes and that we would get a hold of our agency to ask a few questions about how to possibly move forward.

A few days later, our agency told us they couldn’t help this woman since she was out of state. We would have to call another agency in her state to work locally with her. I got on the phone for hours trying to find a good, reputable agency that would take superb care of this sweet woman and her family as they discern adoption.

I finally got a good one and put them in touch with her.


To my great surprise, we got a Facebook message back saying not only was she now in touch with the local agency but that WE WERE THE FAMILY THEY WANTED TO CHOOSE!!!!!

After I picked myself up off the floor and scraped Jonathan down from the ceiling, we looked at one another in complete and utter shock.

Was this REALLY happening?

Yes. It. Was.


Over the past month, we’ve stayed in touch with this wonderful family as the adoption plans continue falling into place.

I’ve felt every emotion a human could possibly feel in the past month but the most prevailing feeling is one of wonder and awe.

I simply can’t believe this is happening after nothing happening for so very long.

We plan to share more details of how we’ve spent the past month preparing to adopt but wanted to at least share this VERY big secret sooner than later!

I see you looking awfully curious….

You must be wondering when the baby is due?


Thanksgiving dinner is going to taste better than ever this year 🙂

Annnnnd let’s be honest, I’ve sort of been judging my years of childlessness by how many Hunger Games movies have released so I have a feeling Mockingjay will be my favorite. (sorta joking)

We are very excited and want to share our joy with everyone who has supported us and given us encouragement along this journey.

We also wanted to update you all since WE NEED YOUR HELP  to bring home Baby Teixeira:

The Adoption Puzzle Fundraiser

We announced the puzzle fundraiser back in June as well but definitely let it take a back seat, since finding a baby to fundraise for was a bigger goal.


Now that we are matched and there is an adoption date in site, we are turning our gaze towards the fundraiser.

We can’t move forward past the Home Study process without having nearly $6,000 for our agency AND $7,000 for the agency in the birth family’s state. Yup, there will be more expenses later but we need to get more than half the puzzle sold soon so we can move forward and become officially approved for this placement ASAP.

Below is an updated image of what’s been sold to date:


Pieces Sold: 146

Money Raised: $3,650

yournameherepiecePlease consider joining our family in bringing home this baby and forever being part of their story in a unique way. This is a story God is directing and we’d love to have you be part of it.

Please share the puzzle fundraiser with friends, family, neighbors, and anyone you think would be interested in participating!

Thank you all so much for the generosity you’ve shown to us and for your enthusiasm for our growing family! We literally can’t do this without you!

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Little Happies: Announcing Our Adoption

June 30, 2014

It’s been a big week around TGB. Many Little Happies to recap this week! 🙂



Adoption Photos!

All props to Alzbeta over at Voboril Photography for being AWESOME! We literally did this photo shoot on Wednesday night and within two hours we had these photos since she knew we needed them to launch our Adoption Page on the True Good and Beautiful blog. We had a lot of fun taking this shoot, especially wondering where those giant balloons ended up when they floated off mid-shoot. LOL! Good thing we snapped a few photos with them first.

Oh and can you tell that Jonathan used blue crayon to color wear marks on his jeans or that he used brown crayon to darken the worn tips of his shoes? Didn’t think so. Pretty clever Lifehack.



When we launched our Adoption Page here on TGB, generous people began sharing our information on Facebook. This spiked our blog traffic and we had nearly 7,000 views that day alone. We are so grateful to see others rooting for us!

Infertility has been a long and lonely road…and I understand that it’s hard to concretely support a couple going through it. However, with adoption, we really feel a community rallying behind us. They’ve likely all been praying for us all along but now have a tangible way to help. I couldn’t be more grateful. It’s made me realize how we’ve never been alone in this like I was tempted to believe on the dark days.


FinancialFreedom6Last Wednesday night we took those Adoption photos…then proceeded to stay up all night building the Adoption Page on the blog. We would’ve went to sleep but we had to catch a flight at 5:50 AM to skip down to FOCUS New Staff Training in Florida to teach a class on Finance & Budgeting!

We landed in Florida, drove to Ave Maria and were teaching within 15 minutes of arrival! A few hours later we taught the class again. We slept like the dead that night, especially because we had separate twin beds and no one could steal the  covers. The next day we met with several staff in 15 minute increments for over 3 hours before hopping back on an airplane.

Might sound exhausting to some (and it was) but we absolutely LOVED every second of it. I only wish we took a photo while teaching, as the staff were great students! 🙂

I also realized we are officially “old” in the FOCUS world. One lovely first-year staff member even asked for our autographs! Yep, we’re getting legendary AKA old.


adoption page

Last but not least, the launching of the Adoption Page!

Not only have we had people reaching out with ideas on how to connect with potential birth moms, we’ve also had generous people participating in our Puzzle Fundraiser! So far We’ve raised over $1,300 and need to put an update photo up but the puzzle is harder to assemble than anticipated! LOL. An update will come soon.

I’m also excited to see such a positive response from others in the adoption world about our page, photos, and ideas. Honestly, I credit Jonathan’s creativity for 100% of how cool it all looks. I credit myself 100% for making sure it got done. 🙂 We’re opposites but a very complimentary team indeed!

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How We Plan to Fund our Adoption

May 10, 2014

Some of you may or may not know that adoption can come with a hefty price tag – average being about $35,000. Yowzers.

Most couples don’t just have that kind of cash just laying-around without a purpose.

If you know us well, you know we are incredibly diligent and intentional with our finances. We’ve been thinking about how to fund adoption without debt for a while now. We don’t believe God wants us to pursue debt to grow our family, since He has a lot of negative things to say about debt in scripture. 

Listening to The Dave Ramsey Show one afternoon, I heard an interview with Julie Gumm, author of “Adopt Without Debt” and it confirmed our conviction in this area. Knowing we will not go into debt, we are still left with a few options to grow our family. On this blog, I want to document how we plan to pursue funding for our adoption – for others in the future who pursue a similar journey AND to provide a glimpse for those who don’t know all the ins and outs of adoption.

The agency we are working with carries a price tag of $25,000 for domestic infant adoption with the possibility of a few thousand extra depending on the situation. Now, there is a possibility of pursuing designated adoption (getting matched together with a birth mother ourselves) which would be approximately one-third to half the cost. We will do all we can to pursue designated adoption and we will talk about that below and how you can help us with this!

Without further ado, here is our plan:

1. Budgeting and Savings

Understanding how to be a good steward of your finances is vital and key. I don’t think this step can be stressed enough. Jonathan and I have been on a journey the past couple of years toward financial peace. We read Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Makeover and facilitated Financial Peace University. We recommend them for everyone who handles money, adopting or not.

Specifically applying this to adoption – Jonathan and I plan to more or less go back to “beans and rice” while we are scrimping and saving for adoption. We’ve already cash-flowed nearly $3,000 from our budget through intentional budgeting and saving. With each step in the adoption process, we will continue to say “no” to wants so we can say “yes” financially to adoption.

2. Adoption Grants

In “Adopt Without Debt” she lists off many adoption grant available out there. She also makes them available on her website.

This summer, we plan to take a couple weeks of accumulated time off so we can dedicate 60-70 hours/week filling out grant applications. We’ll probably camp out at a local coffee shop so we can stay stimulated at all hours of the day through the process. There will not be a grant we qualify for that we will not apply for. We will turn over every stone in due diligence with grants.

3. Adoption Tax Credits

Adoption tax credit laws are changing all the time. This website helped provide me with information on just how important the adoption tax credit can be. For 2014, the maximum adoption credit and exclusion $13,190 per child.

I am not sure how big of a difference this will make on our bottom line…since it’s non-refundable like it was in 2010 or 2011 (jealous of those of you who got back big checks post adoptions back then). Basically we will be able to claim that amount as a tax credit, making our taxable income lower but not really significantly since we aren’t high income earners to begin with. It will be something but really won’t change our situation much, like a refundable credit would.

4. Fundraising

This can be the scary part for some adoptive couples out there. Since Jonathan and I already fundraise our of income this portion isn’t that frightening. We know too many generous and kind people to be afraid of fundraising. We also have watched God provide for our needs time and time again in the most random ways. If adopting is God’s will for our family – the money will come some way or another.

“Religion that is pure and undefiled before God and the Father is this: to care for orphans and widows in their affliction…” James 1:27

Sure, we could simply rely on grants, tax credits, and personal budget/savings to do this adoption. But we feel an actual calling to involve others. In our self-sufficient society, we feel God asking us specifically to make ourselves vulnerable in this way. To expose our needs to others – for judgement, generosity, kindness, cruel comments, etc. I have no idea as to what people will think but we are being obedient to God in this, so I can’t care what people think.

This adoption isn’t just a means of growing our family. It can be a way to bring The Body of Christ together in a powerful way to answer God’s call to care for orphans. Who are we to prevent others from being able to answer this call in a concrete way by supporting our adoption efforts financially? For most, this will be the only way they ever have to care for an orphaned child in an up close and personal way. Through financially supporting us, they are giving a child a family.

We aren’t sure exactly how we will pursue fundraising. There are TONS of ideas out there in books, blogs, and on Pintrest. Once we become home study approved, we will take more concrete steps to put together a fundraising initiative.

5. Designated Adoption

I mentioned up above that pursuing designated adoption versus agency domestic adoption is significantly more affordable. As in one-third to half of the cost. It involves locating a birth mother on our own or via family/friends connections and then going to our agency to set up the legal paperwork and proper counseling to facilitate the adoption.

The hardest part of this type of adoption is locating a birth mother. We plan to make an adoption video/profile and set up some sort of social media campaign to let others know we desire to adopt and are looking for any connection to a birth mother out there. If you have any connection at any time to a birth mother discerning adoption, LET US KNOW!

Again, a very vulnerable thing to do but we are convinced that if God wants us to do a designated adoption – a connection will be there. If we are supposed to pursue domestic agency adoption – the connection won’t be there. Time will reveal His will for growing our family.

There you have it my friends. Our basic game-plan on how we plan to financially pursue adoption.

I have experienced many emotions in the past couple of weeks. In any given day I can range from excited and happy all the way down to bitter and resentful. Thankfully the happy times are winning out far more often than the negative. What works me up so much is the seeming unfairness of it all. We’ve spent thousands of dollars trying to have biological children over the past couple years and no baby. Now we are spending tens of thousands of dollars trying to adopt a child but we have no garauntee it will work out. While this is happening – women are aborting their babies, parents are neglecting or abusing their children, drug-addicts are using throughout their pregnancies, and couples everywhere simply try for a baby and end up pregnant seamlessly. All those situations humiliate our infertility and it’s hard to process them in the midst of so much struggle.

By God’s grace we will teeter onward towards His will for our family. Jesus, have mercy on us! All you holy men and women, angels and saints, pray for us!